Xbro Responds to Accusations of Xbox and #GamerGate

Niche Gamer "We published an interview with Xbro a few days ago, and it apparently caught the attention of many people – most especially some outspoken folks in the gaming industry. One such person was Sela Davis, an employee of Microsoft’s Xbox Live division and the treasurer of the IGDA in Seattle. She wrote a very length response to Xbro, publicly, and we decided to reach out to him for a response.

For the sake of brevity, this is being presented as an op-ed, which we’ve presented below for your reading pleasure"

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CaptainObvious8781416d ago

How can someone that actually works in the industry be so stupid? (I'm talking about Sela obviously). She works in the industry, so she should know first hand how inclusive it is.

I literally could only get through half of her distrusting post. Her victim hood propaganda is so unprofessional.

I'm glad xbro stuck to his guns and saw right through her shaming tactics. I especially liked this part.

"Miss Davis, I believe it’s time to act professionally and stop this pathetic fear-mongering propaganda that, all of a sudden, women have become big targets. Welcome to the internet. Everyone is a target when you have an opinion. And in 99.98% of the cases, that means trolls will say mean things about you, or curse at you, or make you feel bad. This has been going on for over a decade now, and it’s not going to change soon."

showtimefolks1416d ago

No doubt I agree with your post 110%. xbro is on the money

mixelon1416d ago

How could someone with clearly less experience than her be so dismissive of her perspective.

Oh, right. Inclusivity and all that.

CaptainObvious8781416d ago

Maybe because so many other people that don't have serious thinking problems say the complete opposite to her.

She also didn't produce any evidence, it was all hearsay. All I saw was the same sexist feminist rhetoric.

Also, I go to uni at a media school where virtually every single student is a gamer and they all bend over backwards to make female students comfortable. There is no misogyny what so ever.

But I suppose you just want me to blindly "listen and believe" like a daft sheep without any questioning or analysis, right?

Branding an entire movement a hate group is harassment, and as a very strong supporter of gamergate I don't tolerate harassment.

ginganinja1416d ago

Maybe you don't see any misogyny because either you're so quick to dismiss it as a shaming tactic or the victim knows they'll be forced to jump through so many hoops to prove it they keep quiet.
Or maybe, everything is fine where you are - that's nice, but the video game industry is a big, spurious beast. Just because all seems ok in certain areas doesn't mean there's not a problem in others.

Hamzaali1416d ago

yes i am agree with you

bennissimo1416d ago

LOL at all of the dudes saying her complaints are unfounded. You try being a woman in a profoundly misogynistic industry.

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MCTJim1416d ago

I love when people play the victim when its far from the truth.

Amuro1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

The fact that the IGDA's are using and promoting Randi Harper's crappy block algorithm it's testament to their irrelevance and mediocrity. I mean, the thing blocked KFC, it blocked famous rappers and even blocked people from their own organization... Xbro really is a gentleman to even take the time to respond to those people and so politely too.

rainslacker1415d ago

Being a member of IGDA I'm actually rather annoyed by it. The things that the anti-GG side say about how terrible they have it I never heard before in their forums before GG became a thing. There was talk about general harassment, and the general consensus was to just ignore it, ban if necessary/possible, or address it if it seemed like something that needed to be addressed. In almost all cases, specific examples were given, and none of the hyperbolic, anecdotal BS that we've gotten lately.

There was some talk about sexism and misogyny when the topic flared up, but I never really followed them much because I didn't have anything useful to add as a dev.

IGDA is supposed to represent it's members, and the gaming industry at large. It should take on causes that help developers, not ones that alienate customers. I've seen some talk about GG among IGDA members, and for the most part they say that most of it is noise to them, and while it has a substantial following, in the grand scheme of things, it's probably not going to achieve whatever goals it has in the long term.

As a gamer, I'm hopeful that's not the case, but I do know that its going to be a long road with no real definitive end. The problems in general are systemic of our society as a whole, and not just gaming journalism.

In all this, I do find it hard to separate my developer side and my gamer side, even though I'd love to make games that are solely from my gamer side.:)

mixelon1416d ago

Right, at least she has the gumption to be open about her identity.

I wouldn't want to be "spoken for" by some anonymous (potential) sock-puppet/"Insider" ; either. "95% of Xbox" are not GG supporters, in any way shape or form. Hilarious claim.

Respect to her for speaking up, and providing references for her claims and everything.

CaptainObvious8781416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Respect to her for spreading more propaganda and lies about gamergate and playing the victim because xbro is standing up for what he knows to be right? I think not.

Maybe if members of GG weren't so viciously harassed or faced with the very real possibility of getting fired for taking a stand against harassment and corruption then xbro might have chosen to to use his real identity.

bennissimo1416d ago

Yup. Xbro is a bitch, while she is a lady.

mixelon1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

"Help help I'm being repressed!" You are doing what you're claiming they're doing. You're just much less convincing. Xbro is a charlatan "insider" making spurious claims like the rest.

How would he get fired from an organisation where 95% of the rest of the organisation were on his side? It's not exactly "support" if nobody actually goes through with it. Who doesn't support the barest claims of what GG claims to be about? Everyone does. The problem is GG is not that simple, and has a very checkered history when it comes to behaviour and message.

I'd support the BS sweetness and light GG some supporters claim exist too, but it's a freaking fairytale cover for retarded mob "justice", circle-jerking, conspiracy nuts and dismissive numpties who will only accept another's opinion if it 100% matches their preconceived notion of how things work.

"Also, I go to uni at a media school where virtually every single student is a gamer and they all bend over backwards to make female students comfortable. There is no misogyny what so ever. "

WELL THAT SETTLES IT THEN! .. Jesus. I have a BSc games design degree, and the only girls there were treated fine. One of them then went on to work at Sega/Creative Assembly on Alien Isolation. Therefor.. Nothing! That means nothing. XD Neither of us are statistically significant!

There hasn't been an anti GG witch-hunt. It was the other way around, remember? Outing all those SJWs, character assassinating them, scathing anyone with media ties. Making massive charts of people you can't trust. Yadda yadda.

rainslacker1415d ago

The message of GG has been twisted and perverted into what it is today by the very press that GG has a problem with. The message is still the same, they want more ethical standards and transparency in gaming journalism. Oh the horror.

Anyone who makes it into other stuff is either ignorant of the movement's actual purpose, or wants to use it to further their own agenda.

The only other reason I can see people against what GG stands for is that they want to stand up for what they believe is a noble cause(equality) but don't really understand what's happening, and how they are not helping themselves by not asking for some basic ethical behavior in the press.

Lets face it. If the actual discussion had been had by the mainstream gaming press, instead of this constant belittling of the movements followers, then this thing would have been over by now...or at least getting to a place where things could start to get better.

I haven't been a fan of the mainstream gaming press for quite a while now, since around when the 360/PS3 released, and I even thought maybe there was hope when these press outlets started doing real journalism after MS terrible X1 reveal...I even praised Kotaku...but the past few months I've seen it become worse than ever, and so blatantly vitriolic and cynical that it's getting hard to even read about my favorite hobby which I have dedicated my life to.

The trolls exist, it's the freakin internet. Why focus on these a**holes when they never did before? That doesn't make the movement or it's supporters vile, just means there are trolls on the internet. It's no different than saying all X1 or PS4 fans suck because the fan boy trolls are constantly being idiots.

annoyedgamer1416d ago

Respect for being a liar? Down with the cis white hetero male patriarchy!

CaptainObvious8781415d ago

The difference is people are actually getting fired. Sela is just running her mouth.

I don't understand how easily people like you can be brain washed. You need to look at the facts.

mixelon1415d ago

I've read everything I can from both sides from the beginning. The hilarious "everyone who disagrees with me has been brainwashed" thing has been here since the beginning too. And it's still ridiculous.

GG.. Journalistic ethics and groupthink. No deviating opinions allowed, respected, or even given the time of day. Lol.

People are actually getting fired! (provides no references)

DillyDilly1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Cam't a hacker group take this gamer gate thing down a notch ? Hack them all. This whole thing is silly now

rainslacker1415d ago

Take them down a notch for doing what?

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