TeamXbox: Too Human Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Only a handful of Hollywood directors achieve "cult" status-for reasons lesser known to those outside the loop-and the same goes for a few video-game developers.

Take Bungie, for example. For the off-the-wall developer to achieve legendary status with Xbox owners was as simple as making Halo. Or how about Double Fine-those who knew of Tim Schafer or bought Psychonauts are now customers for life. Regardless of whether Brütal Legend averages a 10 or a 2, the allied will buy it.

In Silicon Knights' case, it only took one killer app in the mid-'90s-Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem-for the company to achieve rock-star status in the world of gaming. Stellar follow-up titles on the GameCube-a system not known for its software prowess-was enough to create a legion of fans that hit the frontlines to defend founder Dennis Dyack throughout the years."

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The Wood3763d ago

just a question.

Maybe 1 console sites like this and ps3 only sites should not be allowed to count towards the score.