A New Look at Bloodborne's PS4 Box Art

Junkie Monkeys: PlayStation recently showed off a good amount of new footage for Bloodborne as well as the new official Box Art for the game. Check out what the teams responsible for the Box Art have cooked up.

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Doge1410d ago

The old one is better :/

PS4isKing_821410d ago

Wow so bland. Seriously? Lame box art.

JMaine5181410d ago

Liked the other one better.

LAWSON721410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I don't care for either, I am tired of boxarts all being some dude walking away from the camera. I agree though personally I think a white background just dont work, the first at least captured atmosphere while this is just flat out bland

medman1410d ago

I personally care far more for what's in the game than what's on the box. It's fine, give me game.