New The Legend of Zelda Wii U Confirmed for 2015, Star Fox Comes First

Tonight at The Game Awards, The Legend of Zelda for Wii U was confirmed for release, but another big franchise may be coming first.

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Metallox1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

YES, wasn't that much but I'm gald it isn't going to be delayed until 2016.

Oh, and Star Fox for next year too. WOW.

mikeslemonade1438d ago

Nintendo must have thought E3s are held in December

NatureOfLogic_1438d ago

There's no way I'm missing Zelda WiiU. Most incredible looking game I've seen so far.

Mega241438d ago

Man, StarFox, I wish is a new Adventures! StarFox Adventures was one of my favorite GC games, along with RE4.

3-4-51437d ago

I have a feeling Star Fox will be a mix between the N64 version & Starfox Adventures.

N4g_null1437d ago

Good showing.
When you add both trailers together you get a crazy manic robot chasing you and then you get the peacefulness of this trailer.

Before I wanted zelda one or link to the past. They finally made a 3d zelda I want to play.

The first trailer shows a very active world. The second one is approaching a dungeon. When monsters are present it seems the npc hide or take cover. You can set markers also. There is button sword play again also.

Puzzles may be more action like and there isn't any cgi in this game so far nice.

If you understand how challenging a zelda game can be then you might need those peaceful rides into the wilderness.

It has a lord of the rings feel to it. I like it. This may get all the zelda fans to join in. It has that potential.

Then starfox! Oh man before zelda! ? Hold on xenoblade is coming also. Wow rpg heaven. These are seriously some hardcore games coming out. Huge play times also. Then splatoon. Oh my! I got a ton to beat before march. I think greatness has arrived on another system. Now if cod advanced warfare finally comes to wiiu I can play it with ir controls.

3-4-51437d ago

Time to go buy Ocarina of Time 3ds, to prepare for Majora's Mask & then again for Zelda U.

WOW....was not expecting this when I woke up today.

* Those beautiful colors, that horse AI, the sword swing, arrow shooting, THE MAP.......Those Colors....


* Glad I already have a Wii U, but this got me excited to finish some Zelda games I haven't played yet.......about half of them.

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KingWookiee1438d ago

At least they went out with a bang with this part. IMO Nintendo's video was the best part.

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guitarded771438d ago

Zelda is my favorite series of all time, and it was noce to see some gameplay, but that Metal Gear Online trailer blew everything away tonight. Bloodborne was amazing too... but dat MGO.

KingWookiee1438d ago

Forgot about the MGO trailer, that was really cool. There were a lot of good announcements for this show, i was not disappointed and it didn't feel too over hyped when it finished.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1438d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X
Star Fox
The Legend of Zelda Wii U
Yoshi's Wolly World
Devil's Third

Fatal Frame V
Pokken Fighters
and more announced games

2015 for Wii U is already better than 2014!

ritsuka6661438d ago

And people say WII U has no games, here going this idiots now? lol

torchic1438d ago

don't think anybody ever said Wii U doesn't have games.

it doesn't have 3rd parties? yeah maybe but don't think anyone has denied the fact that the Wii U has games

nucky641438d ago

I guess you have to be a Nintendo fan to appreciate the Zelda reveal - it seemed awful boring to me.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1438d ago

It's early footage, dude; of course they're not going to have a ton to show.
They were just updating us so that we know of a few of the things in store, that's all.

torchic1438d ago

the game is dropping in less than 12 months, how the hell don't they have much to show?

that's no excuse imho

Sgt_Slaughter1438d ago

Um... early build footage? Just because they have something to show doesn't mean it's all that they have. Could be a Pre-Alpha build for all we know!

randomass1711437d ago

@torchic Polish before content. This isn't the PS3 version of Skyrim we all saw. And I played the PS3 version of Skyrim. Never again. -.-

truechainz1435d ago


simmer down buddy. You assume they don't have much to show when it is more likely they didn't want to show it all. Everyone is talking about how the world wasn't populated, but if you recall the crazy robot chase was something Aonuma said would be an example of events that happen in game. The purpose of the demo was clearly to show off the scale and layout of the environment with a taste of battle. If you think there won't be more to do and a warp option then, well, you need to take more time with your thoughts.

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jholden32491438d ago

Actually go play through a Zelda game. Then you'll understand why we're so excited.

It's a series where every game borders on being one of the funnest games ever made. Once a game has reached that level of pedigree, you don't need to have anything proven to you first. You KNOW it's gonna be great. Not just great... but epic.

WeAreLegion1438d ago

Try A Link to the Past. That's the best one, in my opinion. I don't quite understand why everyone loves the series so much, but it's fun. If this were any other series, no one would care about this footage.

Ck1x1437d ago

Are you serious right now? People have been freaking out over every game play reveal Cgi trailer that has absolutely no game play. Zelda was one of the few games actually shown being played! You guys love being lied to with these cinematic reveals that have nothing to do with how the game actually plays. Sure trailers are nice at first, but show actual game play and that's what they did.

LonDonE1437d ago

It wasn't the horse and the running what was on show! it was the scope of the world, the size, the graphics, the wild life, the lighting, the crisp vivid art, the atmosphere! these are what the zelda trailer nailed! i cannot wait to explore the world and see what is out there!
I just wish it zoomed in and gave us a proper full screen view instead of being off tv!!

Dont be so dense, any person who has played nintendo games could see in that trailer that it is clearly the biggest game nintendo have ever created.
That in itself is HUGE!!!! your entitled to your opinion as we are ours.

For me the trailer was awesome and having them confirm its defo coming next year along with starfox is a big deal to me.

Ck1x1437d ago

At least you understand what they were going for with this showing. Which had to be asking a lot, seeing as how secretive Nintendo is. People commenting on how lifeless the world was, Nintendo probably took everything out just to show what they wanted to reveal.

airsick71437d ago

Watching a horse run while two legendary game devs ham it up and casually slip in another game announcement. That's my kind of boring.

Ck1x1437d ago

It actually helps when you at least like the game series that you go in to post a comment about! That's a start, just saying... If I don't like CoD, I'm not going to the blogs to give my impressions of a reveal trailer.

3-4-51437d ago

nucky - your supposed to be smart enough to mix the knowledge we have, with your imagination to think about the possibilities of what could be.

THAT is why this reveal was so exciting.

It's like going from 2D to 3D all over again.

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Sarah_Ch1438d ago

Finally time to buy a wii u and the show was boring as the last year

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