Human Element World Premiere Trailer Released

Tonight at The Game Awards, the first footage for Human Element was revealed.

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sonic9891504d ago

Yea repetition the same ideas used over and over I think right now I know enough about zombies to survive a real apocalypse lol.
Disappointed nowadays its hard for me to get impressed by shooters or zombie games anymore

SeanScythe1503d ago

OMG! You're right or is it just another Shooter? Or is it another open world game? Or is it another wasteland game? Or is it another game that you haven't played yet and need to STFU until you can complain?

Relientk771504d ago

This was like Call of Duty + Borderlands/Dying Light or something

it was interesting

Somebody1503d ago

It's more like Epic's Fortnite(cartoon graphic, hordes of enemies, build fortifications)but open world.

Rainbowcookie1503d ago

Spot on ...even some rage/doom in there. However the rise of MMO's doesn't appeal to me much... especially since hack usually ruin the game not to mention 12 year old boys swearing at you for sorting them out.

Relientk771503d ago

Yes RAGE too, not sure how I didn't think of that

-Foxtrot1504d ago

Looks like a cartoon version of Dying Light

telekineticmantis1504d ago

Looks pretty fun,an MMO with all characters converging in one area to get survival supplies, pretty cool.

ABizzel11504d ago

Very different from the original look of the logo art, and I could have sworn Wii U was a platform as well, guess they ditched the consoles -_-.

That being said it looks interesting, a cartoony Dying Light / Borderlands.

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The story is too old to be commented.