Far Cry 4 PC Patch 1.5.0 detailed, due next week

Ubisoft has detailed a forthcoming new PC patch for Far Cry 4, which will be available at some point next week (8 December onwards).

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KingWookiee1503d ago

Why would they get rid of the NVIDIA graphics preset? :(

hennessey861502d ago

I'm only getting about 40 fps with that setting, hopefully my new i5 will improve that when it arrives.

1nsomniac1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

How are you getting 40fps on the Nvidia setting with anything lower than an i5???

I would consider I have a gaming rig - [email protected], 8gb 1600ddr3, gtx 760. Running Nvidia setting I get about 25fps!

I get about 50-60fps on Ultra settings but Nvidia setting crushes it.

hennessey861502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I Have an FX8120 clocked at 4.0GHZ and a GTX 780 3gb, 8gb 1600 ddr3 windows 8.1, but i reckon the FX chip is bottle knecking my 780

KingWookiee1502d ago

I have a 980 and on the NVIDIA settings I get about 50-60. But Ultra I get mids 90's. They should of just optimized it instead of getting rid of it though.

bumnut1501d ago

I don't think you will have a bottleneck with that setup, im running 2 x 780's with a 1st gen i7 950 and don't get a bottleneck.

100% usage on both cards.

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SirDjss1503d ago

So maby i finally can play this game, i havent been able to since its stuttering/framedrops all the time :/

8BitSoul1502d ago

Same problem I'm having! I'm fairly new to PC gaming, so I don't know any workarounds or how to fix stuff like this. People like me will have to wait for a proper patch to fix things up, which is unacceptable! I read somewhere that Far Cry 3 had the same problem when it came out, but it was eventually fixed a few months post-release, so hopefully, that will be the case with FC4 as well.

SirDjss1502d ago

Well usually games these days runs just fine on pc, but sometimes we get these sorts of "broken" games.

8BitSoul1502d ago

Yeah, I sure hope this is an exception and not something that occurs on a regular basis. Fortunately though, I haven't had any trouble running any other games on my PC (including FC3), so I have plenty of titles to keep me busy until FC4 gets a proper patch. One would think they would learn from their mistakes though, seeing as how FC3 runs on the same engine, and they had the same problem with that game.

oIITSBIIo1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

There are some tricks to make the game smoother But still I do want to play it on stable 90FPS at least.

Now it runs about 60-75 with some drops to 50 on ultra and it's not OK.

DAI looks and runs better .

Allsystemgamer1502d ago

Runs better yes. Looks better? No

dreamoner1502d ago

Detailed but still vague... ubisoft.

8BitSoul1502d ago

How about fixing the damn framestutter? It makes the game nearly unplayable at times. The game runs the same even if I set it to the lowest settings, so this is a poorly programmed port for PC gamers. Admittedly, I got this game for free with my GTX 970, but wouldn't you expect the game that came with your GPU to function properly? I know this isn't a hardware problem on my end, as I just built a brand new PC and it can crush every game at ultra/1080p. Please fix this problem, Ubi, as it is preventing me from enjoying an otherwise great game.

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