King of Fighters 2012 Now Free Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Franchise

Carl Williams writes, "SNK has proven quite prolific in keeping their fans happy, either through re-releases of old franchise titles, taking established series in new directions or re-releasing formerly paid games as free. SNK are not completely stupid in releasing King of Fighters 2012 as a free game. There are ads interspersed in the game but the great news is, no In App Purchases to worry about. Just an ad or two, or you could pay $3 and buy King of Fighters 2012 and not have to worry about ads either. Your choice and SNK is giving it to you."

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SteamPowered1410d ago

Excellent. My Shield will eat this up! Other than my emulators there really isn't too much for fighters on android so I'll gladly pay the $3 for this beaut. Support the devs you love.

triverse1410d ago

Well said. Too bad more people don't do it.