PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Slaughters The Game Awards: Here’s the Trailer

At The Game Awards being held in Vegas Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a new look at the upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.

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TXIDarkAvenger1504d ago

Looks amazing. Can't wait to play this.

nix1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

wow. just wow.
bloods flow freely in Bloodborne.

@mp: thanks.

Forn1504d ago

I'd be hard pressed to find a game I'm looking forward to more. Bloodborne looks beyond incredible. Can't freakin' wait!

breakpad1504d ago

this is one F*ing trailer from one F*ing game ..

PeaSFor1504d ago

hopefully a hd quality feed will be uploaded to soon!

Septic1503d ago

Cheers mate. Looks amazing.

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elsuperamigo1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Sony showing a masterpiece no xbox exclusive can come close of what ps4 can achieve this gen belongs to sony,xbox??? More like xdone

killacal131503d ago

I'd even pay to be part of an open Beta, damn it.

1504d ago
stonecold31504d ago

look very beautiful each time they show bloodborne roll on march one of my top favourite games of 2015

ABizzel11504d ago

I'm really impressed. I haven't been a big fan of the Souls series, but Bloodbourne seems to be changing that.

Magicite1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

same here. countless deaths await.

Mizikiel1503d ago

If you haven't been fan of the other souls games you are not going to be big fan of this game either. The mechanics are similar and it is very much similar to those games. I really don't understand why you weren't big fan of the souls games though. The combat is the best I have played in any game and the boss,enemy and level design were amazing in demons souls and DS1 also the multiplayer was a lot of fun.

ABizzel11503d ago


Because I'm not a fan of the slow style gameplay, which is why BB looks much better to me. I'm an action gamer, and I don't like playing games where my character feels like he's swinging a weights, and not a weapon.

THe movement and gameplay looks a lot more like something I would enjoy. The world, setting, story, difficulty, etc... were never the problem for me. It was the pacing of the gameplay.

Mizikiel1503d ago

You are kidding right ? The weapons need to feel heavy or it just feels like you are swinging a plastic stick. Souls games are not slow at all. You probably haven't even finished one. If you didn't like the others you are not going to like this one. Deal with it and go back to playing your last of us and uncharted.

ABizzel11503d ago

Had you kept it nice and classy you could have went about your business peacefully, but now since you want to get ignorant, let me check you real quick.

Dark Souls


Now tell me the movement speed, the dodge speed, and combat are the same in both games, and if you say they are then all you had to do is look in the mirror and I can show you a mutha#[email protected]$ liar.

"You probably haven't even finished one."

The go to for the [email protected]$$ gamer who's too ignorant to accept someone else's difference of opinion. To answer your stupid @$$ question I've finished Demon Souls when it was free on PS+, and only played some of Dark Souls, but didn't bother to finish it because I don't like how slow the gameplay is.

The roll is far to slow to me, the movement speed is slow, the combat is a bit too slow, and I'm also not a huge fan of how fast the stamina bar drops early on. Bloodbourne fixes all of those issues, which is why I'm more excited for Bloodbourne than Demon Souls 2 for next-gen.

Correct yourself, before you ever respond to me.

killacal131503d ago

And if you enjoy it, you might just become a fan of the previous Fromsoftware titles man. Awesomeness!

ABizzel11503d ago

I've played the old games, I just can't get with the speed of the game. It's slower paced and I'm use to playing action games like Bayonetta, God of War, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, etc...

Bloodbourne is the Souls game for hack and slash fans IMO, with the overall speed improved. So that's why I'm excited about it. I liked Demon's Souls, haven't beat Dark Souls, but always wanted them to move and play faster, and that's what Bloodbourne seems to be to me.

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