PlayStation Experience: the First Pictures of the Booths: The Order: 1886, Media Molecule and More

PlayStation Experience is ready to kick off tomorrow, and many developers have been putting the finishing touches to their booths, also sharing a glimpse online.

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DarXyde1412d ago

I'm pretty sure you don't have a choice there. ;)

On topic, I'm more concerned about new stuff. Sure, I hope they show some U4 gameplay and a reason to sell me on The Order:1886, but I'm more interested in what I DON'T know about yet. You know, stuff to give me reason to say, "this is totally the next PS2".

Agent_hitman1412d ago

We want full demo gameplay of UC4 and The Order 1886 and many more

Gore-Content1412d ago

The leaked SF V trailer has already made me a happy 'sshole. Can't to see more!!

HentaiMasterRace1412d ago

Man, are they even gonna mention the Vita? At least once!?

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