Which PS4 Games Do You Regret Buying? asks the question "which PS4 games do you regret buying?"

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Yi-Long1465d ago

FIFA15. 14 was great, but 15 is a huge step back in terms of gameplay. Very disappointing.

ABizzel11465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Looks at collection

inFamous, Killzone, Lego Marvel, Battlefield 4, GTAV, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, Far Cry 4, MGSV: GZ, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider: DE.

Nothing, the only remote regret is buying Injustice for $5, because it's free this month / next, but I still got to beat and enjoy the game, so no real regret there either.

KZ could have been better but it wasn't bad, BF4 connection issues weren't a big deal for me since I had other games to play but if it was my only game it would be been a near candidate, MGSV was $3 for me so no complaints about that either.

Conzul1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Not even Watchdogs for me. Even underwhelming != regret.

Shadow Fall
Resogun (Plat)
Knack (Plat)
Black Flag
Second Son (Plat)
Transistor (Plat) <-- my GOTY
TLOU Remaster
First Light (Plat)
Destiny (Flawless)
Far Cry 4

yep no regrets....

ABizzel11465d ago

7 people disagree with me not regretting any of the games I've bought? only on n4g.

Ozmoses1465d ago

I wouldn't regret Watch_Dogs if they didn't talk me into the season pass.

That's the only reason I haven't traded it back yet. I feel obligated to at least get some of my money out of it.

I just don't know if I'll ever play it again with all the new games

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Muzikguy1465d ago

Watch Dogs... Landslide victory there

suc9151465d ago


nucky641465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

I wasn't disappointed with the games I bought (wolfenstein, metro:redux, last of us, resogun, farcry4)......I was disappointed in the games that were delayed - witcher3, the witness, the order, and dying light.

LamerTamer1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

I am glad they were delayed. Having them making the games more stable with more dev time is better than getting a buggy mess sooner like AC:Parity or DriveFlub.

nucky641465d ago

but, if you recall, driveclub WAS delayed close to a year and it didn't help at all.
I get what you're saying - but delays don't always help.

SilentSolid1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

BF4 and TLOU

JoGam1465d ago

He's drunk. Started partying to get ready for tomorrows Sony show

SilentSolid1465d ago

tlou is not a bad game. I have my reasons