Take A 30-Minute Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of No Man's Sky

The small team out of Guildford, England is using procedural generation to create an entire galaxy worth of planets, asteroids, and space stations to explore. While visiting the studio, we sat down with the founder of Hello Games Sean Murray to learn about the tools, math, and science behind the game.

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1414d ago Replies(1)
1414d ago Replies(1)
Tripl3seis1414d ago

I'm in I can't wait for this to come out

DigitalRaptor1414d ago

What a great preview. You can tell Sean is both massively passionate about what he's creating here, but also grateful that it's being put on such a pedestal as one of PS4's top up-and-comers.

Can't wait to see more at PSX. This concept is just something I can't get enough of.

ABizzel11414d ago

The technology here is amazing, these guys are really pushing things, and this is one of the benefits of being a indie studio.

AAA Indie is the new hotness of gaming studios.

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