The Old City: Leviathan Review - WGTC

"Dropped into the underground of the Old City, you are left to wander the empty corridors, rooms and external setting of the now-empty metropolis. As you wander, pieces of the narrative are revealed in short monologues; Shakespearean, almost, in their form and delivery. It’s not certain who you are, what role you play or what significance you have to impart on this binary novella. All you can really say is that you are definitely alone in this world.

Here is where the reviewer gives a succinct recap of the game’s main plot line. But in this instance, it’s not something that can be summed up in an 800 word essay. The story is not obvious and one suspects that it’s not supposed to be. When you play a game such as The Old City, you are given a narrative objective that is not clear from the start. In that respect, you are the meta player of this enigmatic story."

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