Yes, Rage Against The Machine is actually coming to Rocksmith 2014

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

Ok, this time for real. It’s actually Rage Against The Machine, they are actually coming to Rocksmith 2014.

@DanAmrich has confirmed it and with Jimi Hendrix coming on December 16th, it appears that Rocksmith has given us five Top 40 Artist Requests in a ROW!

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gangsta_red1465d ago

Now this i can get behind!


How the heck are you going to learn how to play like Tom Morello!?

stavrami-mk21465d ago

I used to be in a ratm cover band and Believe it or not there not to hard to cover more effects than anything else. Really fun songs to play though :-)

slasaru011465d ago

Why only three songs of each band? It's pathetic...

Some bands have much better songs than they put for the game, for example Green Day - it has all good songs in the Kerplunk album, but the game has so-so songs only.

toymachinesh1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )


I get the Green Day complaint but there are plenty of bands that have got 4 and 5 packs. Also the Jimi Hendrix DLC (12/16) is a 12 pack!