Action Trip: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

Action Trip writes: "Battlefield: Bad Company was a welcomed surprise when initially announced by DICE and EA. The developers set out to create a single-player oriented Battlefield game with some gameplay elements that are new to the franchise. Numerous features were promised, including rich characterization, engaging storyline and an altogether exciting single-player experience. At some point, EA proclaimed that certain weapons in Bad Company would be available strictly as downloadable content or if you purchase of the collector's edition. This lead to the well-known Bad Company boycott, which eventually forced EA to change its tune. Later on, they announced that extra weapons included in the Gold Edition of the game will be free. Other players, however, would be able to get the weapons by ranking up their avatars to the max level. As it turns out, this feature wasn't a bad move. But let's not get ahead of ourselves."

-The destruction is fun, cool weapons, engaging multiplayer, looks and sounds great

-We expected a bit more from the single-player, combat gets repetitive as do the missions, glitchy AI, relatively short single-player campaign.

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