Bungie Details the Dark Below Exclusives

It is less than a week away from Destiny's first expansion the Dark Below. Bungie has been slowly giving us more details about the upcoming content these last few weeks. They have been doing a great job building up excitement for the expansion. They have given a huge amount of details about what players can expect. The only thing that was missing was what content would be exclusive to the PS4.

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freshslicepizza1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

exclusive content is fine but they shouldn't be charging the same price for dlc if one is offering more content.

pompombrum1503d ago

Yup that combined with them overcharging for the UK has stopped me from wanting it.. was looking forward to giving Destiny another go but since when does $20 = £20? The fact they are cutting content in the X1 version yet still overcharging me for it has completely put me off and stopped me buying it on principle.

The_KELRaTH1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Yeah at £25 I would have probably opted for the DLC bundle but I'm not going to be ripped off with a one to one currency exchange.

Doesn't help the DLC feels so much like it's just been ripped from the original content rather than offering a new planet package.

lemoncake1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Yeah the dlc price totally put me off even getting this one when on sale, £20 every 3 months for dlc that isn't all that big but which rises certain caps making it almost mandetory to have if you want to continue having an end game and not get left behind in no mans land.

The DLC has been priced as if it was a monthly subscription of £7 a month. But this is actually worse than a monthly subscription and more costly, if you pick up the game next year or take a break you still have to fork out for all the past DLC, with a subscription its all included so you wouldnt have that type of backpaying for stuff.

If you are going to get this on X1 you just get screwed even further because the amount of content is massively lacking to start with. I really dont like this new Bungie and its direction.

vickers5001503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


I think they're releasing level 30 and level 31 gear you can buy and earn through through the vendors and iron banner, so you're not going to be "left behind" if you don't buy the dlc.

lemoncake1503d ago

@vickers they are increasing the actual player level cap from 30 to 32 if you have the dlc, I heard that's actually quite significant in this game especially with the pvp element? I would expect that trend to be the same for each of the DLC they release as its a good way to force people into buying it.

pompombrum1503d ago

^^^ Level cap will only be significant for iron banner, standard cruicible (pvp) shouldn't be effected.

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SIX1503d ago

Being shafted with exclusive content is nothing new to the PS community. Welcome to our world.

n4rc1503d ago

This is a little different..

I dont recall anyone paying the same price at the same time for part of the content..

You may wait for the entire thing.. But you also dont pay for it a year ahead of time..

This type of deal is new AFAIK. And it sucks..

BlissSeeker1503d ago

Don't care about the timed exclusives. Buying it regardless.

mastershredder1503d ago

I enjoyed Destiny while it lasted, but there is nothing exclusive with rise and repeat game-play, no matter how pretty or how different it looks. They had better change things up in the DLC AND drop the price. They are asking too much for too little.

objdadon1503d ago

My 300 plus hours say otherwise. It's my type of game and I learned that from the beta. The beta gave me a clear indication of if I would like it or not.

Iamnemesis48801503d ago

Same here still love the game but annoyed about not able to sell my 200 spinmetel now for marks.

Iamnemesis48801503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

With the new expansion out soon will bungie be kind enough to give us xbox players now the dust palace and the few extra weapons makes sense if when each expansion comes that we get the 20 mins extra gameplay.