Elder Scrolls Online Won't Release until Sometime 2015 On PS4 And Xbox One

Zenimax's online console version of the succesfull serie was planned to launch in June 2014. Zenimax postponed the game six months later what would mean it will release this month.

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Jackhass1412d ago

Hmmm, can't say I'll miss it that much.

BallsEye1412d ago

Well, that's sad. I'm a die hard elder scrolls fan. Been in beta and was disappointed like everyone else. Just 2 months ago I thought me and my wife gonna give it a shot, it was patched many times after all. So we bought retail versions (super cheap now).
I wish everyone who didn't like the game in beta would try it now. It's easily the best MMO out there! I completely changed my mind after playing the recent version. It's the only MMO that feels like a single player game when it comes to exploring, questing and leveling up. Graphics maxed out are outstanding, quests are just as fun as in other ESO games. If you're into mmo's try the current version. You wont regret it.