Gaming Nexus: Kung Fu Panda Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "I'm still in the stage of Wii controller infatuation that will allow me to do things like set aside my normal innate ennui for movie tie-in platformers and my seething distaste for all things even tangentially related to Jack Black, a distaste that runs so deep that I routinely skip the Tenacious D song on Guitar Hero. I've found that in some cases, the Wii controller adds just enough novelty to the interface to make a game that I would normally approach with my "Random-Button-Smash" attack more interesting to play. It doesn't always work, of course; you can only put so much lipstick on a pig. But I thought that maybe something as new and fresh looking as Activision's tie-in to Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda might be as least as much fun as collecting the Happy Meal toys affiliated with the movie, if not slightly more."

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pharmd3858d ago

C+? i preordered this months ago assuming AAA like we've never even seen before.... dammit