Aussie Retailer Adds To 360 Price-Cut Chorus

Kotaku writes: "It's not just American retailers convincing us that a 360 price-cut is imminent. Australian retailers are now in on the act as well. The local branch of K-Mart is advertising a 360 Pro bundle for AUD$449 (USD$430), a steal when you consider the rrp for the console is AUD$579 (USD$555). Sure, you can account for a few dollars saved here and there when you consider we've got our end of financial year sales on, but even then, consoles here are rarely cut by $30, let alone $130. Have K-Mart posted their price-cut prices a little early?"

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pharmd3766d ago

its really about time, for all the consoles... its kinda crazy if they run these prices longer than september... i know there's always christmas but its been a long time and if they were smart they would lower sometime within the next four months and then they'd see games sales spike for christmas