Xbox One Sold Over 720K Black Friday Week in the US, Sets Black Friday Record

VGChartz Writes: "Microsoft has done everything it could to win this holiday in the US with a $50 price cut on all SKUs and bundles for the Xbox One. Some retailers even had bundles selling for as low as $329.

The Xbox One manged to sell 721,569 units Black Friday week in the US for the week ending November 29, according to VGChartz. That makes it the bestselling console for the week in the US, outselling its main rivals the PlayStation 4 and Wii U.

The Xbox One sales for Black Friday week have set a new record in the US. The console sold more units in its second Black Friday week than any other console in history. It is also one of the bestselling consoles in history on Black Friday week in the US.

To compare, the Wii sold 383,499 units in its second Black Friday week back in 2007 and is nearly on par with what the Wii sold in its peak year in 2008. That year the Wii sold 766,179 units Black Friday week."

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christocolus1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

wow..that's pretty impressive and considering this is just the week of black friday,i imagine the final figures for the entire month of November will be alot more.

Thatguy-3101417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Are you surprised though? Microsoft really killed with the price cut on bundles. Even if it's Vg I think it's true. Would be surprised if it didn't sell as much. All in all that's very impressive.

christocolus1417d ago

i knew they sold a lot of Xbox ones on black Friday but those numbers are insane.

TheFanboySlayer1417d ago

Agreed I was soooo tempted to buy a Xbox One...I saw it for $329 at Bestbuy and I was like if I have $500 left in my budget after all my purchases I will be back....ended up not going back...hopefully I will have one by the end of the year for $350

Ezz20131417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

1.This is Vgchartz ...every thing they say i take it like it's coming from Pachter
i have no idea why N4G still allow this site to be here.
also MS need to win this after the price drop along with 2 free games ...IF they win i wouldn't call that a win TBH...MS took a big loss on every xboxone sold.

2.if you guys care soo much about sales then wait for NPD.

ABizzel11417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Here are the global, VG hasn't updated yet, so I can't post the blog.

PS4 - 592,245 - 413,105 - 12,657 - 1,193,346
XOne - 759,655 - 221,964 - 1,192 - 1,115,990
3DS - 335,341 - 187,787 - 97,075 - 672,782
WiiU - 243,134 - 71,684 - 12,803 - 352,519
X360 - 205,990 - 20,105 - 108 - 241,203
PS3 - 106,425 - 46,199 - 4,988 - 180,671
PSV - 36,845 - 16,952 - 27,323 - 93,447
Wii - 33,945 - 11,847 - 104 - 49,216

MS takes NA, Sony takes EU, 3DS takes JP. This gen has pretty much spelled itself out for the consoles.

XBO & PS4 will share US market around 50/50.
(40m XBO / 40m PS4 / 20m Wii U)

PS4 will dominate EU.
(40m PS4 / 25m XBO / 15m Wii U)

PS4 and Wii U will share JP market around 50/50.
(10m PS4 / 10m Wii U / 1m XBO)

PS4 will win RoW
(15m PS4 / 10m XBO / 5m Wii U)

PS4: 105m (at least 100m, much more depending on the games)
XBO: 85m (if they stick with that $350 price, going will drop momentum)
Wii U: 41m (they need a price drop to pick up momentum)

This is everything MS needed, for the US especially. I feel bad for the Wii U, as it's about to be completely dominated. Wii U's total sales were lower than PS4's NA sales alone and EU sales alone, and the XBO NA sales were 2x as much as the Wii U's total sales. Nintendo needs that price cut and Mario Kart 8 + Smash bundle ASAP.

Like to point out one more thing, I said worldwide PS4 would sell around 3m while XBO would sell around 2.5m for the month of November (according to VG, PS4 is at 2.87m and XBO is at 2.47m).

tbone5671417d ago

Absolutely amazing for the Xbox One. XB1 for teh win.

lemoncake1417d ago

@abizzel bet these console manufacturers wish that they could sell these systems as well as Apple sells their iPads and such, by your lifetime estimates for wii u for example that's less than what the ipad sells in a single year. Tablets is such a huge market in comparison going to be interesting to see what happens by the next console gen.

ABizzel11417d ago


That's why if handhelds continue they're going to be tablets, and not the traditional handheld.

Tablets simply have all the functionality most average consumers need out of a mobile device (a cellphone should be everything they need too, but I guess they need the bigger screen and save cellphone battery).

A tablet is a laptop replacement, lightweight, mobile, and AIO device consumers can take everywhere. A console is a box that sits under your TV that doesn't have all the app and services a tablet does, but it plays games infinitely better, so tablets have a much larger audience to sell to than consoles do, which are gaming devices first, multimedia second (where a tablet is the exact opposite, and still mobile).

Also that Wii total should equal 50m, not 41m, I accidentally added straight down, and didn't move over to the 10m for JP numbers.

ABizzel11417d ago

Wait now that I look at it, how did the XBo set a Black Friday record?

"The Xbox One sales for Black Friday week have set a new record in the US. The console sold more units in its second Black Friday week than any other console in history. It is also one of the bestselling consoles in history on Black Friday week in the US."

That last sentence alone questions it's own validity. I remember seeing plenty of times that the 360 sold over 1 million consoles during black friday week.


Okay it means the XBO had the best selling "2nd year of a consoles lifecycle" Black Friday sales ever.

mikeslemonade1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


Noway X1 gets past even 50 mil this generation. You're taking the highest of the highest sales month for X1 and then using that as a projection. That's like taking launch sales and then projecting them.

PS4 will reach atleast 110m. They don't even have to do much in order to reach that number with the current "snowball effect".

PS4 will take U.S. again as early as next month! You're assuming that MS keeps dropping price until it's free!?

X1 broke sales record but it's also a record that they dropped a $500 entry barrier to $330 all in one year. Don't give me the kinect BS either. That is still MS taking a lost.

New consoles will come out before 2020?? That's 7 years! Okay so you maybe right after the fact in 2 years the X1 may reach 80 mil, but that's still a long shot. I don't count sales after the console generation is over. I don't work for Sony or Microsoft, so the extra sales don't mean much to me. Those extra sales don't make developers want to make more exclusive games for either console. You may say the PS3 got a few more exclusives now, but they don't interest me. I'm to busy playing the more relevant current AAA games.

PS4 will have a even bigger year this year:
+With a price drop
+SFV annoucment
+More exclusives
+Multiplats continue to be better on PS4 causing more negative PR for the X1

That will deter people from buying the X1^. Only way X1 will reach 80 mil is if it drops another $50 in the next 6 months.

ABizzel11417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


No I didn't take the month sales and calculate from there, I took the fact that a $270 price drop from the original asking price + 2 games + $50 gift cards + $100 credit with the trade-in of a PS360 pushed XBO up that high.

The 85m is the maximum sales they should achieve if they maintain this level of dedication / desperation (depends on which side of the fence you're on), and continue to releases in new markets.

You're being silly thinking the XBO won't get pass 50m. The XBO has a comfortable 40m users coming to them from NA alone, with EU / and RoW making up more than 10m in sales for them. On top of that it's almost at 10m already and it has 6 more years to go until 2020 is over with several price drops and bundles along the way.

The 360 did 25m in EU, under 2m in JP, and almost 9m in RoW. If by some terrible stroke of luck they only sell half of their sales in those regions then that still puts them at 18m, and a total of 58m with NA.

Ever since releasing in more regions in EU, the XBO has 3x - 4x as many sales as before which, JP is a lost cause, but their RoW numbers just under half of the PS4's and they're in half the countries (although they are in China, which gave them a big boost, while the PS4 currently isn't).

MS isn't stupid and neither is Sony. NA will be a price war between the two consoles, with MS taking the region when it has a price drop, then things balance out after a couple months, then Sony taking the country when it has a price drop. NA will be back and forth. The good news for MS is NA is the biggest gaming market with EU right behind it, and by 2020 that's 100m consoles sold. A draw here means 40 vs 40 vs 20 (although I expect PS4 / XBO to be in the 40 - 45m range, and Wii U in the 15 - 19m range).

EU is PlayStation dominated no matter what, MS best bet is to hold on for dear life, and try to get small wins in the UK (which is why realistically I expect a 40m PS4 vs 20m XBO vs 10 - 15m Wii U).

JP is another stomping ground for PS4 vs XBO, but should be neck and neck with PS4 and Wii U (again 10m PS4 vs 10m Wii U vs 1m XBO).

The 85m for XBO and 50m for Wii U are their max potential. PS4 is hitting 100m regardless.

The RoW numbers stand.

If I had guess I'd say realistically:

PS4: At least 105m
XBO: 72.5m (MS has to push XBO hard, and have a lower price all gen)
Wii U: 45m likely less (Don't see Nintendo pushing as hard as MS)

Pretty much a 30m difference between each console.

Those numbers can always go up or down depending on price, games, content, and disaster, but these are the real numbers I'd call for now and the fact that PS4 still won worldwide sales for the month, even with all this going for the XBO, goes to show that the PS4 has this gen in the bag as long as disaster doesn't strike.

Christopher1417d ago

***MS takes NA, Sony takes EU, 3DS takes JP. This gen has pretty much spelled itself out for the consoles.

Wut? I'll give MS November, but the only reason is because of their huge price cut and free game(s) with them.

That's all.

But to say MS takes NA after 9 months of PS4 dominating? I think that's a bit weird of you to say.

If MS overcomes PS4's total consoles sold here, then I'll give it to you. But they have a long way to go before they do that. A long way.

ABizzel11417d ago

"MS takes NA, Sony takes EU, 3DS takes JP. This gen has pretty much spelled itself out for the consoles."

For those who seem to be confused by that part of my comment, I was specifically talking about for the week of Black Friday, not the entire generation, which is why just below that I have the PS4 and XBO duking it out for NA (common sense should have told you that's not what I meant after seeing this), the PS4 winning EU by a large margin, and only comment on the PS4 and Wii U for JP.

I was not saying XBO is going to win NA. The other two; however, are true even though I wasn't saying that either.

Christopher1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

***For those who seem to be confused by that part of my comment, I was specifically talking about for the week of Black Friday, not the entire generation, which is why just below that I have the PS4 and XBO duking it out for NA (common sense should have told you that's not what I meant after seeing this), ***

No, common sense is seeing "2020" and then "50/50" and going "wut?"

When what we have now isn't even that and has only gotten close to it due to pricing. And Sony will start to match MS' price cuts considering they can afford to do it next year as long as they maintain their current lead.

As I said, that whole portion didn't make much sense. Even as a black friday element, MS lost out due to how much they undercut themselves just to get those numbers for a single week/month.

LetoAtreides821417d ago

@abizzel1, so just because Xbox One supposedly won Black Friday in the US (NPD numbers haven't been released yet) you are assuming Xbox One will manage to match the PS4's install base despite the PS4 leading the Xbox One by around a million in the US?

By assuming that the Xbox One will match the PS4's install base in the US, you are assuming the Xbox One will sell about 100k more each month than the PS4 for the next 8 or 9 months. That's not happening mate.

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Foehammer1417d ago

Agree, VERY impressive.

I guess it's to be expected with all the high scoring games they brought out.

Congrats MS

DeadlyOreo1417d ago

"I guess it's to be expected with the huge price cut and free games they have offered."

There you go, I fixed it for you.

marlinfan101417d ago


i wouldnt call $50 a huge price cut.

DefenderOfDoom21417d ago

720k for XBOX1 and 550k for PS4 . Both great numbers for 1 week of sales in USA .

ThePope1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


The 3 biggest X1 games of this fall all received very high praise from critics and gamers alike. THATS why it sold so well. When you consider what was being done by Sony during November the X1 was at BEST $50 cheaper. No one buys a system they don't want over one they do for $65. It just goes to show you the power the X1 exclusives.

MazzingerZ1417d ago

When you cut the price of your console only 6 months after launch it just means things are not going as planned

Silly Mammo1417d ago

So let's see...

Last generation- "Exclusives don't matter, it the multi-platforms that people care about!"

Up until November, "Who cares about sales numbers!"

Blaze9291417d ago

@MazzingerZ so when Apple dropped the price of the iPhone by $400 - were things "not going according to plan?"

...or MAYBE they were selling it at a price that was made for room to cut from the beginning?

Christopher1417d ago

I can only agree with you, Foehammer. With Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 setting sales records, it must mean that people are buying XBO for the games and not because of the price and free games along with it.

Hint: sarcasm there.

MazzingerZ1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I don't know about Apple...but they are still far behind Samsung in the global market so that was probably a bad example.

No company cut the prices if not needed, XB1 needed it to be sold, no one wanted that console, was over equipped, bad reputation, bulky, inferior way they could sold that when the other console offers more for a cheaper price...this weekend will show why MSFT did what they did.

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Eonjay1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

About 1.4 million
Compared to about 1.05 million for PS4.

Bringing the gap between PS4 and Xbox One to about 800k in favor of the PS4 according to these estimates in the US.

SmielmaN1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I'm positive both major consoles sold incredibly well, but I'm going to wait for npd to tell us who won November. I just can't take VGChartz seriously at all. I Have to think this "formula" they use is a mix of previous years sales/games+hype/and calling large big box stores and asking employees how much of their stock is left for said product and making estimates. It's pure fiction and should be treated as such.

If MS outsold Sony then they sure did eat a lot of cash to do it with all the games and cuts they had to toss in. If Sony outsold MS despite those bundles/cuts..... That would be crazy and you will for sure see a $299 xbone for boxing week with a game or 2.

Edit: I agreed with your comment btw

SoapShoes1417d ago

^ I agree. Last year they had PR about winning BF the Tues after and considering how quick they were to stave off good news for Sony Oct NPD by talking up two weeks of price cut bumps I'm thinking they still got outsold, at least on BF.

Halo2ODST21417d ago ShowReplies(5)
AngelicIceDiamond1417d ago

That is great news congrats to MS.

mark3214uk1417d ago

wait for the official numbers these are bullshit

Trekster_Gamer1417d ago

Awesomely impressive!


Of course the fanboys here will try to spin it.

The Xbox One has the best value, best games, best online experience!

Anyone but jaded blinded fanboys can see the Xbox One IS the console to own!

MRMagoo1231417d ago

Yet the xbone is still outsold by ps4 , maybe delusion has taken you over.

DigitalRaptor1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I agreed with your comment up until the last 2 sentences, especially the last one.

Xbone is the console to own if you only care about the HOLIDAYS in each given year. In 2015, the lineup is practically barren until the holidays. PS4 has way more games, and this weekend will add even more to next year.

Why is the console that has the least games, the lower rated games, the worst multiplatform games, less value in their online services and game purchases, and the worse upcoming lineup of games "the console to own"? The console to own, would be able to outsell the PS4 for more than one month out of 12.

Guess you forgot about those other 11 months.

XanderZane1417d ago

The final figures will probably be close to 1.2 million for the month of November I'm betting. I believe it sold just over 250K the week prior. How many units did the PS4 sell? Microsoft should probably leave the price at $350 from here on out and into 2015. If they want to stay competitive against the PS4, that would be the smart move. They also need to add this kind of deal to the European, China and Japan markets. Let's hope this momentum carries over into December as well.

xxjabberxx1417d ago

Why could it not sell 1080k?

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Chanogram1417d ago

Interesting, but considering source (vgchartz), i'll take it with a huge grain of salt. Will be very interesting to get the "real" numbers soon.

SkippyPaccino1417d ago

Exactly! I'm just tired of hearing how good of a month Microsoft had. With all these articles it's giving out the impression that it's been leading for months. Sony on the other hand led 11 months in a row and we would only have articles once a month (after npd) and that would be enough.

Microsoft on the other hand is that annoying kid we all went to school with, that never had much going for himself, but one day came to school with a ipod and was like "look at my ipod, ipods are awesome, do you have a ipod, I have the best ipod ever... Lol

Ciporta19801417d ago

Literally the best comment I've ever read.

Chanogram1417d ago

To be fair, it's not MS that is saying this, it's VGChartz, and "journalists". MS has been pretty humble about all the sales, really.

1417d ago
SkippyPaccino1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Im aware of this, but I've read multiple reports from all heads of the Xbox division through out the month gloating about sales in one way or another.

Like I've explained to m0lt0n in my comment above. Microsoft have been having a great month and that's very good indeed, It's the spin I can't stomach from them. They've already spinned this month multiple times and when the actual numbers are released they will start all over again, giving the illusion of them doing much better than they actually are. (every corporation wants a good image of for themselves) I was never cool enough to have a discman in high school 😉

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BLow1417d ago

Maybe. What I find interesting is that the PS4 sold @ 590,000 for the week and X1 sold 760,000. I'm going by the latest updated numbers. So that's a 170,000 difference give or take. And we don't know the numbers for the entire month. So the balance has barely shifted according to these numbers. I could have sworn the PS4 didn't sell anything according to Major N's pics.....haha

NatureOfLogic_1417d ago

I think these numbers are way off. We'll see come npd.

KarmaV121417d ago

Yes we will, and you will eat your words.

Utalkin2me1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Its funny watching you kids argue over sales, roflmao. I could give 2 craps less which console either of you own. I know i have the better console, so i could care less.

KarmaV121417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

If you prove to me they sold under this I will eat everyones words. Don't try to gang bang me boys, I not into that.

stuna11417d ago

You're speaking like he's going to go into the corner and cry or something! All he said is he think the numbers are off, wait till NPD.

You on the other hand seem much more vested in the sales game. But the facts still stands, NPD has and will give a better estimation of actual sales than VGChartz ever has.

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Anon19741417d ago

No idea why anyone would disagree with this. You've got a fan run site versus the NPD group, a well respected market research company that's been around since the 60's. Of course NPD numbers will be the more accurate figures for North American data compared to a fan run site presenting what passes as their best guess based on who knows what.

Ripsta7th1417d ago

Soony fans here cant stand seeing the xbox doing well, they are holding a grudge since like 07 when they claim they were bullied by MS fans, but i have gone back to read those articles and seee the same behavior on the comments. This site has always been more pro Sony

gangsta_red1417d ago

VGChartz reports Sony in the lead...

N4G rushed to congratulate.

VGChartz reports Xbox sold well...

N4G rushes to state how VGChartz is always off and ran by xbox fanboys (a la darkride)

makes sense.

Anon19741417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I do not support VGChartz, nor have I ever supported VGChartz. I don't care who they say is in the lead. They're a fan run site that simply isn't accurate. The only thing they succeed in is adding fuel to these ridiculous console wars. Something I know you're all too familiar with and even a cursory glance at your posting history confirms.

*marked for obvious trolling*

Ezz20131417d ago

Stop with your victim BS

i'm huge Playstation fan and yet i always make fun or attack Lolchatrz
no matter how many times they give Ps3/4 the lead
and i'm not the only one

MRMagoo1231417d ago

Do you get sick of lying all the time ? Or are you just used to it being an xbone owner and MS rubbed off onto you?

DigitalRaptor1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I find myself agreeing with Ezz here. Your obsessive need to try and expose "Teh hypocrisy" only ends up with you looking desperate and foolish. Cause in reality, it's a small minority that align with the situations you try to paint to represent everybody.

I'd like it if you stopped making up generalisations to make certain people look bad, and then make the other folks who support your favourite console look completely innocent. It's that black and white to you, huh?

gangsta_red1417d ago

To all above..

Not going to happen, you all make it a point to voice your displeasure in every and all VGChartz articles that put a positive light on the competition.

But you are all visibly absent or most are not half as angry or confrontational when Sony is proclaimed the winner in a VGChartz article.

Funny that the ones replying to me are known popular and admitted hardcore sony fans. So you can all just stop trying to pretend you guys are always disgusted at VGChartz.

Ezz20131417d ago


Such BS again
Lol i'm knowen to praise *Lolchatrz* ?! what world ?!
take your time showing where in my comment history i ever praise *Lolchartz* only making yoursef look even worse

now on the other hand
i noticed that you are no where to be found when they give Ps4 the win
and you always complain and cry about N4G
yet you still here
talk about hypocrisy

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Death1417d ago

It's VGC and their best guess at sales. Take it with a grain of salt like always.

ABizzel11417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I think the numbers are in the right range, but for sure aren't exact. It's unfortunate, but true that VG usually over bids XB, and under counts PS.

But I'd say 600k (PS4) vs 750k (XBO) seems about right IMO. Black friday sales are usually 3x the sales from the week before, and the week before the PS4 sold over 200k and the XBO sold about 250k in NA. 3x those numbers give you 600k and 750k.

Check back, it's almost always the case, but remember look at US sales only.

XanderZane1417d ago

Yeah, they are too low. I'd tack on another 50K for the XB1 sales. VGCharts always post lower numbers then they really are. NPD will show how off VGChartz is.

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trunkswd1417d ago

Microsoft has done everything it can in the US to win this holiday season. Bundled Xbox One's could be found for as low as $329 at many retailers. A lot lower than what standalone PS4's could be found for.

NoeLennon1417d ago

And....? The PS4 won for over 6 month because it was "a lot lower" price then the Xbone.

SoapShoes1417d ago

Uh it also won when they dropped the price to $399 and when they had it at $399 with free games bundled in.

stuna11417d ago

No! Just No! The PS4 has actually won 10 months as the top selling console in the U.S and 11 months as the top selling console in the World! And this definitely has been attributed to it being a better value for millions of gamers money. More powerful, more support and more developers.

Sure the Xbox1 may have gotten the upper-hand saleswise, just look at what it took to do so! And still after all the effort put forth by Microsoft it still hasn't able to outsell the Worldwide. The reality of this is that many already know that once the holiday season is done that it almost assured that the Xbox1 pre-holiday surge will end also.

Death1417d ago

This does go both ways. How many months was the PS4 $100 less than the Xbox One? It wasn't until Microsoft unbundled Kinect that the Xbox One started selling at the same price as the PS4. Holiday deals could be had with either console, but the Xbox One was definitely at a better bargain between trade deals, discounts and bundled games. There is no question Microsoft has been very aggressive this season.

jairusmonillas1417d ago

Xbox One had a better bargain? not really. Xbox One shouldn't even be $400 it's 40% weaker than PS4 lol

1417d ago Replies(4)