Ad Watch: IBM/Akamai Helping Kuma Win the Fight For Episodic Games writes: "Kuma's ad-supported episodic games are going global, thanks to IBM and Akamai. We speak with all three parties to find out more about this "television model" and Kuma's plans for world domination.

When people think of episodic games, they might think of Telltale Games and their Sam & Max series. Others might think of Valve and the Half-Life 2 episodes. However, when it comes down to sheer volume of content, nothing compares with Kuma Reality games.

Over the past few years, Kuma has put out dozens of episodes of their various ad-supported episodic games. This so called "television model" has proved successful, and now the company is looking to expand. A partnership with IBM and Akamai provides the hardware and software necessary to meet this expansion, as well as improve the experience for Kuma's current customers."

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