Xbox Live Developer Speaks Out Against 'Xbro' and Harassment

"Xbox Live software engineer Sera Davis has posted a lenghty statue update on her Facebook page, criticising an anonymous developer claiming to work for Microsoft."

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DragoonsScaleLegends1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Who's Xbro and why does it matter if you support it or not? Someone should start a stop harassment in the gaming industry movement. I still don't know understand what Gamergate is supposed to be though.

Godmars2901502d ago

Transparency in game journalism. Getting bloggers with industry connections and/or a financial connection with a game they're covering that they have one. Also hopes to stem the control feminist are attempting which is blackballing/harassing devs out of the business.

donthate1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Unfortunately it is also a haven for trolls and harassment.

I am not for gamergate, or against it. Nor am I against feminism or for it.

The reason is simple, either at the extreme isn't good and I think both gamergate and feminist are controlled by a select few that are power hungry!

However, both sides has a point, but it is so marred in shit that I cannot see through the glass.

Dhampir1502d ago

More labeling of gamergate as misogynistic.

'She goes on to comment that she believes Gamergate is "composed of a small core group of individuals (whether they are public-facing or not) whose goal it is to silence women and other marginalized people or anyone with feminist or progressive values in this industry."'

001502d ago

it's funny when they say its a few hundred people then make a block list to ban over 15000 then shrinking it down to 10000.

and the people against gamergate are some of the most bigoted assholes I've ever seen.

DragonKnight1502d ago

Good god, people are so unwilling to actually go to twitter and read a page of GamerGate tweets. She's a prime example of supreme ignorance.

Godmars2901502d ago

Their first doctrine is not to listen to anything GG related. If you do, find some merit in what a GG says, and admit to fellow anti-GG, you'll be shunned.

ReturnToSanity1502d ago

"I have watched as they attacked my friends since August of this year, and this witch hunt has only continued."

ROFL!!! What a clown.