What Makes a Bad Sequel?

Georgie Catto writes: "I’ve played a lot of sequels this year; in fact, sequels, pre-sequels and reboots still make up 90% of my current game collection – but let’s face it, not all of them were successes. Sometimes a good idea can only be stretched so far. Sometimes expectations are too difficult to meet. Sometimes the thought, care and planning that went into creating an original piece gets thrown away in the heartless grasp for cash that makes up so much of today’s gaming industry.

Having contributed a few thoughts on sequels that greatly improved their franchise, I thought I’d go the other way, and try to home in on some features that make a sequel a disappointment. I figured I’d do it as a list (although not a comprehensive one – there doesn’t seem to be a limit on how shit can hit the fan) – so here it is: the four ways that a sequel can let us down."

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