Solid Wall-E Box Office Sales Bode Well for THQ writes: "With Pixar's movie raking in around $63 million over the weekend, analyst Colin Sebastian believes Wall-E the game can sell 5 million units this fiscal year for THQ.

Weekend box office estimates place Disney/Pixar's Wall-E at about $62.5 million, far exceeding the last Pixar movie Ratatouille, which grossed $47 million during its opening. According to Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian, Wall-E's theatrical performance is "slightly ahead" of expectations and it's obviously a good sign for THQ's video game based on the animated movie.

"...early reviews of the Wall-E video game are respectable (~70), but less relevant as the title is targeting a younger and casual audience. Importantly, we expect Wall-E to have 'long legs' over the year, with a healthy portion of unit sales likely to come over the Nov/Dec holiday period," Sebastian said."

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