Will ‘Halo 5′ Save the Xbox One

‘Halo’ is to Microsoft what Mario is to Nintendo. And in this highly competitive business, it’s the games that make a console. Halo 5 should have been a launch title, but going into the next year, it will definitely be a major influencing factor for console purchases.

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saadd201412d ago

Wonder if this really could be a game changer.

breakpad1412d ago

absolutely not with the present state of HALO 5 ..the game is not good (as it seems from multi) it looks like a Halo4+COd ...if they make a turn and imitate the more slow gameplay like HAlo CE was.. may have some success...but now its success is based only on hype

4Sh0w1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

.breakpad to each his own but what I've seen of Halo5 so far it looks very impressive. I'm a Halo fanatic and all my Halo buds are excited from what has been shown. As for "saving X1", uhm it doesn't need saving, its doing pretty well, just because it's not outselling ps4 worldwide doesn't mean its performing poorly....and with the new price point it's temporarily at least selling much higher than normal atop amazon/US sales charts. Anyway I cant play sales so I'm enjoying the games X1 had over its first year, just like iphone sales a ton but for me the Samsung Galaxay is the best because I prefer Android environment/OS, I play what I like thus I'm winning and everyone doing the same on their platform of choice are the real winners.

ABizzel11412d ago

XBO doesn't need to saving, it needs a permanent $350 price drop.

marlinfan101412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


you literally have no clue lol then again, aren't you the one that said halo 5 wont be better than KZ: SF? LMAO

the games going back to the arena style shooter of old, no load outs, with guns spawning around the map forcing map control . this is what everyone wanted and were getting it. you're here complaining because you don't understand why everyone was mad with halo 4 to begin with. you just jumped on the "wana be cod" bandwagon and have kept it going without the slightest idea of the real reason people were mad.

Kingdomcome2471412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

@ABizzel1- Then it would be free. ;)

xlancer1412d ago

Halo 5 reminds someone of halo,you heard it here first.

Paytaa1412d ago

False. Just straight up false.

Spid3r61412d ago

Crack is a power full drug!

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ZeroX98761412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

does the X1 really need saving? I know the sales aren't up to the PS4 numbers, but there's definitely a market share for Xbox. With all the turn around MS made since launch, I personally think they're back on track for a great generation.

I bought a PS4 at launch, but if a new conker, battletoad or banjo games were to be released, I would gladly buy one.

cman22771412d ago

I too bought a PS4. And as much as a new conker, battletoad or banjo game may seem nice, is Rare really what it was back in the golden age N64 days? Dont get me wrong I love banjo just as much as the next guy but Nuts and Bolts failed

Pogmathoin1412d ago

The title suggests Xbox is in trouble.

Sonital1412d ago

I lost my own bet that this would have been from Gamingbolt. How did such a provocative title get approved...oh wait..

oODEADPOOLOo1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

All I care from Halo is the story if the story is a 10/10 then game is 10/10 to me. Just need an xbox one... lol

I'll prob get one after price drop and redesign, maybe they can finally integrate that gigantic power brick.

himdeel1412d ago

Anytime you have to ask if x franchise/game will save y system, the answer is always no.

Price cuts are the only action that can get a system to consumers. However this action doesn't necessarily save the system and quite often cost whatever company more money.

PONTIAC08G8GT1412d ago

I didn't know the X1 was a failure and needed to be saved. Is it selling as well as the PS4? No. Is it as powerful as the PS4? No. Doesn't mean it's a failure and needs one game to sell the system. I bought mine back in November of 2013 and I'm not sorry for buying it. I love TF and Forza and the other multiplatform games available (Diablo, Madden, BF). This article is a bit of a stretch.

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jackanderson19851412d ago

didn't know it needed saving? it's currently tracking better than the 360, has exceeded the previously establish sales targets by MS and is on course to maintain a very healthy fanbase

christocolus1412d ago

lol. the title of the article is hilarious.

JoGam1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Guess its XBOX turn for saving. SMH. Remember all the "Can (Insert Title) save the PS3.

Title should be...Can this article save The website?

1412d ago
Eonjay1412d ago

Wasn't aware that the Xbox One needed to be saved. If 'save' means beat PS4 then no. However, the Xbox One will still be successful.

pompombrum1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

As above said Xbox One doesn't need saving.

DigitalRaptor1412d ago

It's obvious no one really think it needs saving.

Any mention of that is hyperbole.

But… the only time Microsoft apparently wants the Xbone to compete is in the holidays, forget the rest of the year. Halo 5 will be Xbox's biggest game of next year, but will it propel them past the PS4? Nope.

1412d ago
Ps4andxb11412d ago

Troll article disguised as a "journalist" piece.


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