Street Fighter 5 PS4 Exclusive? – Is PS4 Officially the Console for Fighters?

Just earlier today it was revealed that Street Fighter 5 will be exclusive to PS4 and PC. With many games being announced exclusively for the PS4, it's easy to believe that it is now becoming the ultimate console for Fighting Games. As a new Xbox One owner, this is a very hard pill to swallow.

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JoGam2510d ago

LEAK, LEAKs, LEAKS, Hate'em.

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Tsar4ever012510d ago

To answer this post question "Street Fighter 5 PS4 Exclusive?! – Is PS4 Officially the Console for Fighters?"

I would not say Ps4 individually, but the Playsation brand mind as well be. Just look at all the EVO events through out the recent years, most IF not ALL event challenges were done off lan based playstation 3 consoles, while the controllers were the iconic madcatz arcade boards sticks of coarse, then there's the controller it's self, most every gamer say that the Playstation analog layout is better suited for fighters and most any other styles of gameplay while xbox's design is best suited for playing fps shooters like Halo & COD.

BG115792510d ago

Probably, yep...
There is Guilty Gear coming out this month to...

InTheLab2510d ago

No it's not. It's every bit as bad as the new Tomb Raider.

BG115792508d ago

It's probably worse because Capcom wants crossplay between PS4 and PC. Do you think that MS will allow crossplay with Xbone and PS4 and PC?

It's going to be hard for this game to arrive on Xbone if MS doesn't change their network policy.

jrshankill2510d ago

meh, I'll wait for Super Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition + Ultra. No way I'm being ripped off by Capcom yet again.

Blaze9292510d ago

Capcom is going to re-release 5 different version of SUPER MEGA ULTRA SFV anyway - im pretty sure it won't stay console exclusive.

BallsEye2510d ago

wouldn't call it console for fighters. XO also have killer instinct. I think it's pretty equal now.

DigitalRaptor2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

PS4 has Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- which is released this month.

The free PS+ game of this month is Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is being ported exclusively to PS4 and will release Spring 2015.

PS4 will probably be the noticeably more popular console for other fighting games like Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat 10.

Then SFV comes out with cross-platform play against PC gamers.

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TimeSkipLuffy2510d ago

All these articles saying it is exclusive to PS4 and PC... Currently we only know bits from a video and don't even have an official statement yet.

It still could be a timed exclusive like the next Tomb Raider or Japan exclusive. We just don't know. I really hope people are not doing those flaimbait articles anymore... please?

Nitrowolf22510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Eh, actually I wouldn't be surprise if it was a Console exclusive.


Well not because Sony and Capcom have some sort of relationship, I think it all comes down to Money. And you may be wondering wouldn't they make more if it was Multiplat? Well depends on the price paid for vs the output capcom is putting into the game.

Now, I think that's part of the reason, but the biggest one is that even though it may be exclsuive, who's to say that Super Street Fighter 5 will be? If thats the case, Capcom may just be playing it out, because say it benefits them more in the long un then why not?

crashbash2510d ago

Off topic, but I notice you have 'Writer at: TPG, MP1st, PGN. Co-Founder: WreckedPixel' on your profile, and googling those gave me nothing and a website/youtube account that was dead/not there.

Are you still writing for a website that is alive?

crashbash2510d ago

Thanks for PMing me your response.

True_Samurai2510d ago

But thing about TR is that it could just be timed for PC and not ps4. Also Ms are codeveloping, funding, and publishing the game

thanhgee2510d ago

An English trailer saying it's exclusive on PS4/PC for Japan. Doesn't really make sense.

headwing452510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Capcom stated a year ago that they didn't have enough money to make a next-gen Street Fighter

Which mean's that Capcom is getting help from Sony to fund this game. If this game is only possible because of Sony's money, it's probably exclusive forever (I could be wrong but as far as I know, the new Tomb Raider doesn't actually need Microsoft's money to exist, hence the timed exclusive)

darthv722510d ago

If sony funded it then why a PC release?

headwing452510d ago

Same reason why Titanfall is on PC I guess? Probably part of the deal Sony and Capcom had, remember, Capcom is a failing company, they want to make as much money as possible and still work a deal that would be financially beneficial for both of them.

Regardless Sony is definitely pumping money into this project.

Lenrulesdaworld2510d ago

Actually they did need the money, its one of the main reasons they approached Phil. They wanted to make this amazing tomb raider but didn't have the budget, sticking to one platform plus funding plus not competing with uncharted should make for a very successful game on xbox one.

darthv722510d ago

for all we know, capcom could be trying something like namco did in the 6th gen. Making the soul calibur 2 game a pseudo exclusive to the cube, ps2 and xbox by way of characters not found in the others.

They make a version specific to the ps4 and pc and then release a version specific to the xb1 and maybe even the wii-u.

ChronoJoe2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

The trailer says coming exclusively to PS4 and PC.

Maybe it will come to XBOX ONE later, maybe it won't, however I imagine they won't be talking about that.

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Hellsvacancy2510d ago

Stop making these articles relevant then by not commenting

Vandamme212510d ago

Man I can't wait for street fighter 5.

Thatguy-3102510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

The marketing and the way they did that trailer really remind me of the recent Sony once. The nostalgic is really uplifting. I'm actually on board for it.

Heavenly King2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

fighting games are big in japan. XBO does not sell in japan, the obvious choice is the PS4 then, and by making so they can focus more in optimizing the game for just 1 console.

DeadlyOreo2510d ago

Then surely they'd make it just exclusive in Japan, not world wide.

Alsybub2510d ago

That has happened before, hasn't it?

Also, while fighting games are big in Japan in general, the SF games are huge internationally so, it would make sense to release on both consoles. If it's already being developed for PC then it can just as easily be on Xbox, so it can't be that they want to keep development costs down by sticking to one system. Something else would have to be at play if it's internationally a PS4 console exclusive.

I would get this on PS4 though, because I have always bought fighting games on PlayStation, why break a habit? ;)

ChronoJoe2510d ago

That doesn't make sense, because then they have to optimise both versions anyway. While he got 11 disagrees, he made some sense.

It's also possible that Capcom thought the technical differences between platforms made one of them less viable to play the game. After all fighting games have to have pretty much exact parity to be competatively viable across platform, if the XBOX ONE version didn't match aspects of resolution / framerate / visual presentation, then it wouldn't receive any competitive support.