Gamedaily: Big Beach Sports Review - If these are the Big Beach Sports, we'll stay home

Gamedaily writes: "Big Beach Sports is another attempt to unseat Wii Sports with six beach related activities (sadly, no bikini watching). While it has its moments, there aren't enough of them to justify the game's $30 price tag. Go to a real beach instead.

Six sporting events are available: Frisbee golf, cricket, American football, soccer, volleyball and a strange French sport called boules, where you roll balls on the ground towards a target. The highlight is definitely Frisbee golf, as you can master throwing techniques. Volleyball isn't bad either, requiring you to swing your arms around as you would in a real game. Boules and cricket are all right, but not nearly as catchy as these other two games. Soccer and American football are terrible, since your computer teammates react as if they have sand on the brain."

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