'Microsoft Nailing It With Recent Xbox One SDK Updates' - Dev

No Goblin's co-founder also comments on the recent trend of remastered games.

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lawgone1418d ago

I agree with him on the remastered titles. I am actually hoping for a remastered Bioshock. That would be awesome :)

4Sh0w1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Yeah micro has done a helluva job improving the box, plus the updates have really been remarkable in upgrading its feature set... also the AC Unity bundle has been #1 on Amazon for a few days now....December sales should be pretty high.

G20WLY1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Keep the updates coming, it all helps! Can we have actual measurable output improvements though? Official news would be great, so that we can properly gauge the improvement.

It just seems strange that we only get these articles from Gamingbolt... and I don't really trust them. :/

Kal0psia1417d ago

Wonder what they're going to add further with Windows 10.

tbone5671417d ago

DLNA, suspend resume, EA Access, HBO Go and many other app selection, Social connectivity features, and game selection = so godly.

HeMan761418d ago

NDA. It is dx12 no doupt. It is going to be a blast. Cant wait for next hiliday season.

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uth111418d ago Show
Illusive_Man1418d ago

Microsoft has been doing a great job. While the Xbox One may not reach the raw performance of the PS4 visually it will be similar and games will still be beautiful because the Xbox One will be more efficiently using its hardware.

thanhgee1418d ago

"the Xbox One will be more efficiently using its hardware" lolwut?


Software controls Hardware... not that hard to comprehend. And yes, MS is getting more out of their hardware than Sony has so far.

Christopher1418d ago

Do you mean they are streamlining the software so as to use less hardware resources for doing the same tasks that they have been doing?

Bigpappy1418d ago

I don't understand why you need to ask him that question. I am sure you are aware that they have already release and SDK this year along with freeing up resources used by Kinect. That has helped developers to get their games close to or on par with PS4. To infer that that is the most they can achieve is very premature.

Christopher1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

***To infer that that is the most they can achieve is very premature.***

First, they freed up the resources months ago, not now.

Second, hardware cannot be improved beyond what it is now without them upgrading it specifically. The only way you can improve is through software.

So, I'm not sure what you don't understand, but unless they're upgrading hardware again, it's all improvements via software. That includes DX12 updates, which are all software based.

xx4xx1418d ago

Yet many reports ate indicating a lot of games run better on X1 than ps4.

Christopher1417d ago

Running better at a lower resolution.

Depends on what you like, in the end.

If you must have 30fps or better throughout and don't care about resolution: get an Xbox One. Not to say that every game will run at a lower resolution.

If you want a higher resolution and a mostly 30fps game, then get a PS4. Not to say that every game won't run at a 30fps or higher throughout.

ReturnToSanity1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Needs spellcheck so much. Proof reading helps.

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