Rocket Ranger Reloaded by Cinemaware gets a PS4/Vita kickstarter stretch goal

Rocket Ranger was originally released by Cinemaware in the late 80’s. The developer is now aiming to bring the game back to PlayStation.

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Protagonist1413d ago

Wow, they did it, I acually thought they would not reach the PS4/Vita goal, nice!

snookiegamer1413d ago

My Dad said Cinemaware were one of the greatest story teller adventure game developers of the 80's and that before PC's..The Commodore Amiga 512K or 1024mb was the Computer to own. Followed by Atari XE or somethin'?!?

Lol way before my time, but at least I can get to replay these golden age of gaming classics! My Dad is actually thinking about getting a PS4 for this!!??

OMG! ;/

Apocalypze1413d ago

It has a StarFox vibe which i like