Far Cry 4 as Experienced by a Honey Badger

Hardcore Gamer: While some might assume that Far Cry 4’s world revolves around Ajay Gale, there are certainly more characters present that deserve attention. Unfortunately for some, if not all, of the non-human characters, their animal cries are not easily translated into English by players without much scholarly experience. Thankfully, we have exclusively obtained some translated dialogue from esteemed scholar Augustus Badgerius III, one of the many Honey Badgers populating Kyrat. These are his stories.

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ValKilmer1413d ago

Whoever wrote this is a weird, strange man.

Stoppokingme1413d ago

Maybe he has spent too much time with Yogi and Reggie.

Sketchy_Galore1412d ago

As embarrassed as I am that I read this entire thing, I'm even more embarrassed that it made me laugh quite a bit.