Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Patch 1.07 BAL Nerfed, ASM1 Buffed, Armory Fixed and more.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare patch 1.07 rebalanced a lot of weapons. The BAL-27 was nerfed, ASM1 buffed, HBRa3 nerfed, MP11 buffed. All of the heavy weapons (Ameli, EM1, XMG, Pytaek, and EPM3) were buffed. There were changed to the damages, ranges, and all sorts of things. Along with changes to spawns, ranked play, Uplink, and a few other things.

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Garethvk1411d ago

The more fixes, the better.

illtornworld1411d ago

its still playing like a broken pos. plus the bal is still killing like no tomorrow smh

zerog1411d ago

The HBRa3 was my favorite ar in the game till this patch and is now about useless. They should really only nerf stuff that gives players an unfair advantage but instead they ruined some, overpowered others and just over all made the weapon balance even worse then before.

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