Capcom’s Choice of Platforms for Street Fighter V is at Least Disappointing

GotGame writes: "Until now, the only requirement for you to play the game was to speak its language: fighting. Now, you also have to buy a certain console."

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mikel10151413d ago

Just as much sense as Tomb Raider. $$$

breakpad1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

i dont think there is an exclusive deal from Sony is more possible that Capcom decided to release it exclusively for PS4, as Xbone simply does not sell in Japan ...while fighter audience no matter the platform they usually prefer PS consoles...also the article is at least ridiculous

HaveSumNuts1413d ago

There will be Street Fighter V then Super, then Ultra, then Super Duper Ultra. I don't expect the exclusivity to last through all versions considering Capcom always follows the Milky Way.

NatureOfLogic_1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

@ Septic, not really the same thing. The majority SF fans are already on PS and PC according to recent sales. TR will be missing majority of the fanbase with MS exclusive moneyhat. So It makes sense that TR fans were more outraged. MS shutout PC and PS gamers.

SuperLupe1413d ago

I hope Sony laying out the cash for SF5 will push MS to develop a full fledged AAA retail Killer Instinct.

ABizzel11413d ago

Honestly this is getting out of hand, now I completely agree multiplat games going exclusive is flat out foul, but SF has had numerous games and spin-offs that were exclusive it's entire inception.

SF I was exclusive by default.

SF II, was exclusives to SNES until SF II Turbo (aka every other name it had) eventually came to genesis.

SF Alpha were exclusive to PSOne, then eventually Saturn, and eventually made for other platforms.

SF III was a Dreamcast exclusive, but was quickly ported to the PS2 and Xbox.

SF EX was exclusive to PS2, and still is.

SF vs. games have been exclusive all over the map, with exclusive PS2 games, exclusive Wii games.

If anything it shows that SF generally launches exclusively in some form on the most popular console of each generation, SNES -> PSOne -> PS2 -> Wii, and now it's happening with the PS4.

This game is most likely timed exclusive until the inevitable Super Street Fighter 5 Turbo comes out. It always has been like this, except for last gen, where the Wii wasn't really doing well with core games outside of Nintendo titles, and PS360 were neck and neck.

This is nothing new for this franchise. Capcom simply does whatever they want, whether it's smart or stupid.

darthv721413d ago

PS4 gets the regular edition and the XB1 will get a Super edition 6mos later. We all know how capcom works...

No_Limit1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I am pretty sure in about 6 months after release, Super Ultra Hyper SF5 Turbo will be on all platforms. It is just like the first SF2 on consoles. The SNES got the original game but then the Genesis gets its own version. I have a PS4 and if anything, after 8 versions of the SF4, I'll just wait a year or so for the inevitable better versions of SF5..which will no doubt be released on XB1 as well. In the meantime, there is Killer Instinct..up to season 3 by then and the MKX for xb1 players to I don't think missing SF5 initially in the beginning is that big a deal for XB1 gamers just like PS4 gamers won't be that concern with missing out on Rise of the Tomb Raider initially because of Uncharted 4.

bouzebbal1413d ago

SFV on PS4 is a good thing. Why? because we will be getting the best version of SFV possible by focusing ressources on one console.

PS4 is getting Guilty Gear Xrd in a few days, why is no one crying about this one?
GG is just as good as SF. Hypocrits are those writing these articles.

Septic1413d ago


"SFV on PS4 is a good thing. Why? because we will be getting the best version of SFV possible by focusing ressources on one console."

Oh wow lol. I wish you were saying this on the Tomb Raider thread. Instead, you said this when it happened:

"TR is historically linked to PS, but now TR is linked to $$$... just sad for fans."

So its not sad for fans here eh? SF is not linked to $$$?

"Hypocrits are those writing these articles."

Maybe you should write some articles then ;)

NatureOfLogic_1413d ago

@Septic, TR will be exclusive on the weaker console that struggles to reach 1080p. I don't see how anyone can be excited about a game not living up to It's full potential. I would rather see TR PS4 or PC exclusive. Both would be better than a Xbox One exclusive TR. Especially since Xbox One already struggles with cross gen games and the majority TR fans are PS and PC anyway.

DigitalRaptor1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

No. Completely incomparable.

How much money does Square Enix have compared to Capcom. Heck of a lot more. Capcom only has $152 million and clearly cannot afford to invest in R&D for new games like other companies can.

That is why Dead Rising 3 was only on Xbox/PC. It's just why Street Fighter V is only on PS4/PC. Sony have paid for the R&D and other development costs because Capcom would not have otherwise green lit the thing.

Plus, the Street Fighter has always flip-flopped between platforms in its history. Tomb Raider hasn't. I think every Tomb Raider game has been on PlayStation consoles and PC. Rise of the Tomb Raider was always going to be coming to all those platforms, and there's not much to prove otherwise.

There's your difference. We make valid point and strong logical comparisons, and all Septic and his Xbox mates can do is cry "hypocrisy".

bouzebbal1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

yeah i'd love that.
i never said SF wasn't linked to $$$? smh... we all know crapcom! but SF5 on PS4 is something special. i guess because i am more fan of SF than TR. who wants TR when U4 is on the way :)
TR is timed exclusive, they paid millions for 2 months. TR would have flopped anyway if it gets released on PS4 same period as Uncharted 4.

you keep track of my posts to use them against me i can see? LOL that's what i call being bored.

tbh i dont think Sony spent a dime on this one, it's just the market situation right now with PS4 being the obvious dev's console of choice.

darthv721413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

@Abizzel. your list is a bit confused. The original street fighter was arcade and PCE/TG16 (as Fighting Street).

the original SF2 was SNES exclusive and then you have the updates that were multi on SNES, Genesis, 3DO, PCE, even the Amiga CD32.

the SF Alpha games released at the same time for Saturn and PS1 (no exclusivity).

SF3 is exclusive to the Dreamcast and so is its followup 2nd impact. But 3rd strike was released for DC, PS2 and Xbox (ports later made for PSN/XBLA)

SF4 (and its variants) came to 360 and PS3 and the 3DS got a version as well.

The "vs" games werent exclusive either. They came to saturn and ps1 (xmen vs sf, marvel vs sf). But there is one exclusive vs game for the wii. Tatsunoko vs SF (great game by the way).

The only exclusive SF games to grace a playstation are the EX line of 3d fighters.

This SF5 will likely be console exclusive to the PS4 but knowing capcom's track record...the turbo or super edition wont be exclusive.

MRMagoo1231413d ago

I am pretty sure capcom owed Sony because xbone got dead rising 3, so I doubt they paid for it.

ShinMaster1413d ago

There's a big difference.

PlayStation and PC gamers make up the vast majority of Tomb Raider fans.

Xbox gamers barely buy fighting games. Especially in Japan.

maniacmayhem1413d ago


"Xbox gamers barely buy fighting games. Especially in Japan."

What!?! Some of the biggest names in the SF fighting community play on the Xbox 360!

Why would you flat out lie?

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TXIDarkAvenger1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

A lot of pros played on 360. It really doesn't make much sense. And the previous game was multiplatform.

EDIT* Sorry forgot I'm dealing with ignorant N4G users who probably don't play SFIV nor watch it competitively.

ABizzel11413d ago

SF 1 - SF 3 were all timed exclusive to a platform, SF 4 was the first to break the trend and that's mainly because PS360 were neck and neck, and Wii couldn't handle their vision without downgrades.

SF has always had the first game release exclusively on the best selling / most popular platform at the time, the only exception was PS360 and Dreamcast, but it was ported over almost instantly to the PS2 and Xbox after the Dreamcast's struggle.

The vs. games are even more evidence with games being exclusive forever.

This ins't a jab at you, but it's funny that people only want to remember stuff when it's convenient.

DeleteThisxx1413d ago

You're right that a lot of us play SFIV competitively on 360 but that's due to the PS3's inherent input lag. As of now, all evidence leads us to believe that this has been rectified in the PS4. Hence most pros jumping ship to the PS4.

I'm almost certain we shall see the PS4 as the console of choice for majors/minors (Unless they wisen up and utilize the best possible platform - PC :p)

thehobbyist1412d ago

This new game is multiplatform. PS4 and PC. That looks like more than one platform to me.

LackTrue4K1413d ago

So the "PlaySatation 4 has no games" does not apply here???? Move that goal post to your advantage.

Lol, just turn around and jump on your tomb raider games.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1413d ago

At least this site "Got Game" is consistent with it's stance on this issue. They disagree with the Tomb Raider deal also. Personally, I disagree with the TR deal and this SF5 deal too. Now that Sony has secured the rights for Street Fighter 5, what do those who support the Tomb Raider deal have to say now, especially since the steel toe boot is on the other foot?

Game On?

3-4-51413d ago

PS2 had a TON of fighting games.....they are trying to make this the next PS2, so it makes sense.

Gamer19821413d ago

The great thing about this announcement is we find out which sites are truly biased towards xbox with crap articles like this. I mean seriously? SFIV sold 4 million on PS4 an only 2.8 million on xbox meaning PS had the bigger fanbase by far. Not to mention the countless addon games. I mean when this was exclusive to SNES did people get so uppity?? Not really..

Tomb raider exclusive deal had 2 top articles on here SF V has had 4 so far just shows the difference in titles. Xbox fans just cannot handle Sony finally doing the 3rd party exclusive thing can they?? It was okay for MS to do it the entire last gen and this gen but soon as Sony does it, everybody freaks.. GET OVER IT!

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TimeSkipLuffy1413d ago

I wonder why the author is so angry? If he owns all consoles as he mentioned in the article, he can simply buy the game on the platform it is available for or just sit it out.

I have to wait one year for the next Tomb Raider. I waited for Fallout 3 DLC and even more for Mass Effect. And if they don't release it on my platform of choice (PS4) I simply play it on the XBOX.

I would understand the frustration of someone who does not have the money to buy a new console to play the game or is a die hard fan of the franchise. But just let us wait and see. Maybe it is just a timed exclusive like TR or exclusive to Japan like many games are already.

stuna11413d ago

The truth is I think you can own all consoles and still be a fanboy to a specific console! We hear it alll the time here on N4G. Sometime I think people buying all consoles that are fanboy's are just trying to convince themselves that they're not, and also to use this as a fact when they're called out for being one.

Truthfully what's the first thing a fanboy says when they are called out? "I own all consoles, so of course I'm not a fanboy!" "I just prefer console A over console B!" As if that really proves anything.

d4v03331413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

CCCCCCCombo Breakerrrrrr!

On Topic:

This should not make people rage anymore just because MS does the same. Sony fans get pissed because of Tomb Raider, MS fans get pissed because of Street Fighter. It is a tie so no one should be angry and to be honest MS started this whole 3rd party exclusive bullshit so I do not blame Sony for trying to make things even. I personally do not agree to make a franchise that was multiplatform before into a exclusive just like Tomb Raider was and Street Fighter was. If it is a new IP that is different but not existing franchises.

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