Resogun Coming to PS3, PS Vita Later on This Month

JM: Looks like PlayStation 4 users won’t be the only ones saving humans this holiday season.

As this weekend sets up to be the biggest for gaming announcements since E3, more and more announcements are coming in. Housemarque‘s hit PlayStation 4 title Resogun will be making it’s way to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita later on this month.

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BiggCMan1411d ago

It is, but at the same time I feel like it isn't. Cuz this game will have to be scaled back quite a bit most likely, and that takes away from a lot of the experience.

yewles11411d ago

By Climax? Makes sense now...

Fishy Fingers1411d ago

Interested to see how different it'll be/look as they originally claimed the 8GB of RAM was a 'necessary'.

Saladin4161411d ago

you guys think it will be free for ppl who got it when it was on ps plus? i can only hope