'We’ve listened. We’ve adapted', Says Destiny Developer Bungie

As the developer prepares for the rollout of expansion The Dark Below on December 9, Destiny community manager DeeJ took time to detail many of the upcoming changes, assuring players that "those who don’t opt in aren’t left behind."

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TimeSkipLuffy1417d ago

Isn't that what they said after all the comments about the beta?

Halo2ODST21417d ago

Hopefull they've listened, because destiny feels like a watered down version of their legendary halo games

sp0tlessmind1416d ago

How exactly is it watered down version of Halo?

Gamer19821416d ago

agree with above this is more of a MMO shooter where as halo is an arcade style fps. Completly differn't types of games. The only thing in common is the theme.. Its like saying every futuristic shooter is the same.

Spinal1416d ago

No. Halo looks dated compared to Destiny gameplay. I've watched lots of MCC gameplay and i think no i wouldnt want to go back to that.

Destiny's gameplay, im talking shooting/class/powers gameplay is what Halo should have evolved to, instead looking at Halo 5 beta gameplay Halo has turned into CoD.

Dirtnapstor1416d ago

A watered down Halo? No way. Destiny may be lacking, but Halo pales when you compare actual detail content. Halo always felt "empty", granted Reach was the exception and 4 did better than the first four installments. Everyone complains of the story, lack there of... Agreed if that's your reference. They need to make things more complete as they progress through their goal of 10 years.

UKmilitia1416d ago

disagree but with your name i can understand why u say it lol.
halo feels really dated imo and clunky.
i loved destiny but i just got bored with lack of content,i had done everyhting by lvl 15 but had to get all way to lvl 30 through repeating the same thing all day .
if i had mates on it i would of stuck longer prob but it was a letdown in terms of size

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showtimefolks1416d ago

Yet it was the watered down version of the game. Budgie have lost so much respect. Destiny is so much MEH

BattleTorn1416d ago

Sorry, I strongly disagree.

Destiny, and the game Bungie made, is simply amazing.

The issue is how much of it Activision had them give us!

showtimefolks1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


Brother read the bungie's contract with Activision, Bungie has 110% freedom. This is all on Bungie Activision provided advertisement funding and that's sort of thing

Bungie also owns the IP

So yes majority of the blame is on bungie, they were the ones developing. Also in their contract they are suppose to deliver content in matter of a very strict time period. So it's still on bungie, why would you sign such a contract when you just broke free of MS

MysticStrummer1416d ago

"majority of the blame is on bungie"

Majority of the credit goes to Bungie. I just bought Destiny a few days ago after playing the hell out of the free trial, and I'm glad I did. I'd like to see an article explaining how people expected something different from what they got with this game. It's exactly what I expected it to be from the moment it was revealed and I think it's great.

showtimefolks1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

My biggest thing is the story or lack there of and the promise was so much more

Borderlands and mass effect mixture yeh not so much. It's the same burning concept, you finish a area get transferred back to main hub than go to same area and same location again and again

No offense I guess you expected a mediocre game where majority of others expected much more and were left disappointed

But to each their own, it's your money and your time so if you are enjoying it great for you. We all have the right to form our own opinions

2014 has been a huge let down when it comes to big promises

Watch dogs over rated but huge hype and huge advertisement budget
Same for destiny
AC:unity next gen promises yet so much wrong and MEH story wise
WWE 2k15 next gen version so many promises and bad

Hopefully 2015 will live up to the hype

Halo 5
Uncharted 4
Tomb raider
Street fighter 5

And much more

Lawboy21416d ago

@ mystic

Game is amazing for the first couple hours

admiralvic1416d ago

"Budgie have lost so much respect. Destiny is so much MEH"

I personally find this stuff interesting, since I am usually surprised by how many people will be angry about something, complain about it, the company fixes it and somehow the company is a hero again. Why can't people remain angry or at least skeptical like they do with Capcom or EA?

Like so many of the things they fixed I wonder if they included just to fix later. Remember that it is easier to create problems you can fix than to fix the complaints that happen naturally. Case in point, they improved engrams, yet last I heard you can still die of splash damage in the Atheon fight. Plus there is the fact that long term games like Destiny tend to go through these changes by default.

At the start everything is hard > gets easier > simplified > all items are upgraded so newcomers can quickly experience the new content > repeat.

@ MysticStrummer

"I'd like to see an article explaining how people expected something different from what they got with this game. It's exactly what I expected it to be from the moment it was revealed and I think it's great."

There are a lot of things that are very minor, but are substantial in the grand scheme of things. I don't want to have a long winded rant, but basically things like exotics being underwhelming (isn't it sad the most desired two are because one does a lot of damage in a short span of time and the other regenerates ammo?), Xur constantly selling the same items (he still has yet to sell all six pieces of armor for every class), raid feeling unrewarding (I once got like 30 ascendent shards and 6 ascendent energy in a single run.), legendary gear is still extremely rare if you try to obtain it via drops, the game continues to shrink the further you get (in say Freedom Wars, I might need to farm a low level mission for a specific piece of material. In Destiny, there is absolutely no reason to do story unless it's a daily heroic or bounty.) and so forth.

The issue is basically that Destiny starts as an extremely interesting game, but as you progress the story is fairly barebones (leading to things like characters remaking they could say more, but can't or are too busy) unless you spend hours reading the cards. From there the game is suppose to "start" at level 20 and you gain access to legendary gear, but by then you've already seen everything besides the raid. You then spend an indefinite amount of time farming stuff you've already done for the supplies to level, largely for the sake of leveling and gain access to the raid and high tier stuff that adds modifiers that do change how you go about it, but add very little in terms of new content. Once you actually beat the raid, something that can be done relatively quickly if you farm marks / get level 2 class rank and play smart, you've officially seen all Destiny has to offer. From here you can decide to replay the raid countless more times in hopes of getting more gear to level / make the raid easier so you can do a slightly different version of the raid or you can accept you're pretty much at the end.

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theDivision1416d ago

They want to cater to casual players and then make it so they must relevel all of their exotics if they wish to keep them useful.... Definitely sounds like they have listen and adapted

BallsEye1415d ago

I appreciate Thorn upgrade but what the hell with making the game extremely easy now? So I spent God knows how many weeks to get all the materials for upgades of armors and weapons and now you can just buy them all so cheap it's laughable. I didn't play game for very long, logged in yesterday to see changes, went to upgrade my vault of glass boots, took me 1 minute to make it max (was leveled but no upgrades). So much time wasted before that it makes me mad -.-

I can see bungie lost lot's of players and now are desparate to get them back before update.

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leemo191417d ago

That's weird because last time I checked the vog still having the same problems as before, doesn't seem like bungie will fix it only take out cheezing spots because that's more important than fixing actual problems that need fixing. What their doing with exotics now with upgrades is stupid. I get it wanting to make the stats similar to the dlc has with damage and defense but resetting the nodes and not getting any of the materials you put into the item back is dumb. The vog weapons beside the vex you get are now worthless since there's no upgrade for those.
Bungie should've of just updated all guns to the dlc standard by adding three mode nodes to the item, not make you level it up all over again.

Larry L1416d ago

When they first changed exotics, I would have agreed. But now having time to think about it and digest it (which is something I tend to do before making comments about stuff), I actually really like the change to Exotics. Bbecause they're actually easier to upgrade now not having to spend ascendant shards and energy. I havn't upgraded the last tree on any of my exotics for that reason. Ascendant mats were so hard to come by for me. Now I can upgrade my Exotics further without feeling uncomfortable doing so, and Ii only need 1 exotic shard to get the final upgrade slot. While I don't have many Strange coins, I at least know there are guaranteed ways of getting them at a decent rate. And I can save my precious ascendant mats for Legendaries, which I was also not upgrading the final tree to avoid spending anergy/shards.

I also like that these weapons are at least getting attention to not become obsolete with new content like equipment tends to do in other MMOs when new equipment comes in expansions. So I think this is win/win from every angle. Especially since I really havn't even decided if I'm getting the expansions or not. If I don't, at least I can now upgrade the few exotics I have and ones I get in the future. ANd if I do the best stuff I worked for is still relevant.

A couple days ago, I was JUST about to trade this game in. I had decided, just hadn't gotten around to it. This new update may have convinced me to at least not trade the game in because progression feels a little better. I can play for 1 or 2 hours and feel like I made some headway now, and also not get bored withing 15 minutes. Still undecided on buying the season pass though (no sense buying just 1). I'm gonna hold off and see if it ends up in the PSN Holiday sale on of these weeks. If so, I'll buy it. $35 is just too much.

kparks1416d ago

@ the exact opposite i had like 4 exotic weapons fully upgraded just needed to farm some material and was planning on doing it then this patch came out now i cant upgrade anything because of this exotic shard... I got plent of ascendant mats like 200 shards and energy now there pretty much worthless

theDivision1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I can agree with your point about the materials, but the issue for me is THE TIME. I have a very limited time to play destiny each week (College, job, varsity sports team) So I want to get on and play the stuff I love. Now for the new raid people will be looking for 333/333/333 (w/e the new max damage is and assuming you have an exotic primary with two DLC raid weapons/ DLC legendaries) So if I wish to be able to do the fun things now I must relevel all my exotics? that will take so much time and I honestly will probably end up trading destiny in because I will find myself grinding and now having fun.

Stapleface1416d ago

Those raid primary weapons are still going to be viable in Nightfall missions. A legendary primary with solar damage with solar burn is still going to do more damage than a maxed out primary exotic with no solar, for example.

D3TH_D33LR1416d ago

This is why I traded mine in. They prioritized keeping their shitty amounts of loot content protected from cheesing and yet still kept raid wiping glitches. Yeah that kind of logic is absolute trash. This games still a beta. Cant say it's an MMO cuz the bungie is having an identity crisis and claims it isn't. Such a joke. The games for casuals who don't know any better imo.

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lemoncake1416d ago

You can tell it's DLC release time when you start getting these comments.

Meltic1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

hahah that DLC should be free.... i regret so much i bought Destiny for full price. It felt like a huge DLC only. Im glad i sold it for 55$ on ebay... i will Always wait for Reviews now Before i buy games in the future... still the game had so much potential.

TRD4L1fe1416d ago

I dont regreat a thing, I have gotten my moneys worth and more. bought the collectors edition and couldnt be happier with that purchase, its always gonna be a game i know i can always go back to and have a few hours of fun

LightDiego1416d ago

Reviews? What about self-opinion?
OT: i didn't try Destiny yet, but i prefer single-player games, multiplayer only it's not my cup of tea.

Ares84HU1416d ago

No they didn't listen to gamers. They go after their own heads. Make horrible decisions to make the game worst woth every update.

Just this week, Xur isn't selling anything for Mote of Light. I got a shit ton of mote of light and they are useless. Nice job Bungie!

sp0tlessmind1416d ago

Actually you are wrong.

So waiting just 1 week for a exotic engram means Bungie isn't listening? LOL
How exactly has the game got worst from its initial release?

The game is constantly improving from Bungie listening to players feedback. Bungie has done this for over 10 years with their games.

All the support and feedback is done through Bungie's forum. They constantly answer your questions and concerns.

In fact Bungie stated that Xur wasn't selling exotic engrams this week, because his inventory will be more powerful next week. That sounds like Bungie is looking out for us.

Ares84HU1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I'm not wrong.

With every new update they introduce new game breaking bugs to the Vault of Glass. There is still no matchmaking for the Vault of Glass. They constantly adjusting exotic weapons sometimes for the better but a lot of times for the worst. Why can't I spen the shit ton of Mote of Light I have?? What's this about? Don't come with the stupid excuse "next week will be better". At this point there is no reason to level up exotic weapons because it's a waste of time. The ones you maxed out will be reseted once you will upgrade them with Xur to make them more powerful so you actually stand a chance at the new Raid in the DLC. I have a friend who played the Vault of Glass 15 times on Hard and got NOTHING. They made the crypartch leveling up slower yet what I got from the postmaster after a level up is still the same crap. Mostly two blue engrams. Whenever people find a good spot to kill bosses from, they "fix" them right away. We really didn't need yet another currency introduced in the form of exotic shards. Ascendant Shards are almost worthless now and I don't want to spend strange coins on exotic shards when there is other stuff to buy. Just the whole system is screwed up now and they are keep making it worst. Also if you are wondering, I have 300+ hours in the game with two lvl 29 and a lvl 30 character so I think I know what I'm talking about.

kparks1416d ago

Yeah idk the only thing i didnt like with the update is the exotic shard bs, wtf could we atleast got a headsup i had 4 weapons maxed just needed spin metal and relic iron and was going to do a run this week and level them all up.. Nope. Now i got 200+ shards and 200+ energy from raiding thats worthless

sp0tlessmind1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I understand where you are coming from. I apologize for saying you are wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

While I do agree with you on the fixed boss fights. (They really should of perfected the raid before release)

But come on, It really doesn't take that long to level-up gear. Especially with multiple characters. Bungie even said leveling up the exotic tree again will be faster hence the exotic shards and 7k glimmer steps.

IMO This is just giving you a chance to carry your favorite gun through Destiny's future. (Destiny 2 & 3) Hence become Legend.
Id rather have fun leveling up my fav guns again, than just paying for an instant max upgrade.

If you already logged in 300+ hours, then you should have NO problems farming an upgrade. Also you should have a stock pile of strange coins to spend by now get what you want. I have a friend that has clocked 200+ hours and he has 300 strange coins. Ever sense they added the exotic shards, Ive maxed out 6 of my legendary guns in a day. How does that deem worthless?

I have ran the Vault on hard mode 4 weeks in a row now with 2 characters. I've gotten at-least 2 major raid gear every-time.

BTW I have a level 30, 29 & 28. And only logged just over 100 hours. I too know what I am talking about.

admiralvic1416d ago

"But come on, It really doesn't take that long to level-up gear... Id rather have fun leveling up my fav guns again, than just paying for an instant max upgrade. "

Originally people thought the exotic blank shards were going to just add more bubbles to existing guns. So if you had a 300/300 gun, you use the shard and you gain like 3 bubbles that let you hit 333 and I believe many suspected it would just upgrade the gun or require max level to do so. By giving people who already pumped in the time nothing, it basically made leveling the gun a waste of time / materials.

"If you already logged in 300+ hours, then you should have NO problems farming an upgrade. Also you should have a stock pile of strange coins to spend by now get what you want. I have a friend that has clocked 200+ hours and he has 300 strange coins. Ever sense they added the exotic shards, Ive maxed out 6 of my legendary guns in a day. How does that deem worthless?"

Everyone is different. I bought practically every exotic with my coins, others bought heavy weapon ammo, some got sparrow upgrades and a select few got XP boosting items. Out of all the things you COULD have done with the coins, the best path was doing nothing, which you have to admit is sort of counter productive. The best thing to do with a currency is to mindlessly collect it, do nothing with it for months and then luck out because the game changed in a way that made them useful for a completely different purpose.

Furthermore, you're pretty much excusing Destiny / overlooking other opinions because doing X or Y isn't too bad. I got news, you COULD have beaten Atheon with all the glitches. Trust me, I did Flawless Raider and had the same person teleported one time four times in a row. Just because I pulled off a fight that was infinitely harder than it was ever intended in one try with the right group of people doesn't mean I am going to take a leak on anyones opinion that Bungie needs to fix it because you can persevere.

"I have ran the Vault on hard mode 4 weeks in a row now with 2 characters. I've gotten at-least 2 major raid gear every-time. "

I've done the raid 20+ times and have only gotten 6 pieces of raid gear (10 with helmets) and not enough to get one character to level 30. I've also only gotten a handful of weapons, totally maybe 12. This is a rate of less than 1 item per run (meaning I've done runs where I got all materials and one run where every drop besides one were shards) and this doesn't even include that 4 of those weapons were the sniper and that another 6 came from Atheon (probably the highest drop part of the raid).

People need to learn that just because you win via RNG, doesn't mean others don't lose. Like my friend did the raid twice and got all the raid gear he needed. I've done it 20+ times and am still missing one piece.

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