Three Speech: Siren: Blood Curse, episodes 1 to 3 Preview - Each episodes will average around 600 MB

Three Speech writes: "Returning to the setting of the original PlayStation 2 Siren title, Siren: Blood Curse takes us on a chilling story spanning numerous characters as they attempt to escape the desolate Japanese village of Hanuda and its inhabitants the 'Shibito'. While the gameplay mechanics mostly remain the same, this time the game will take a different form: it's hitting the PlayStation Store in an episodic format split up into twelve separate episodes. Three Speech was dared to play through the first three episodes of the series – here's what we thought…

First off, we'll address the biggest change – the game's episodic, network based method of delivery. Instead of a traditional disc based release, the game is split up into twelve episodes, each one that we played (excluding the first one) lasting approximately half an hour. What really emphasizes the episodic structure, is that each episode commences with a recap of the previous one; and ends with a 'next time on Siren' style preview, which believe it or not makes the experience a whole lot more exciting. After the initial download, each episode weighs in at about 600mb (although obviously, this will vary) and can be launched once installed via the game's menu. The system seems solid and well built, you can return to each episode at any time to a specific part (episodes are further divided into chapters) and if you're looking to clear some space, you can delete episodes without deleting the full game – so after you've done with an episode you can delete it, then if you want to return, re-download it from the PlayStation Store."

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meepmoopmeep3762d ago

i played the JPN demo and it's awesome, aside from the lack of camera system. the ending teaser trailer is gripping. definite buy for me. i hope it comes out on disc as well because i'd prefer disc over download.

Homicide3762d ago

Yeah, I agree. The demo was great, reminded me of Silent Hill. The facial expressions look incredible. I hope it comes out on disc here or else I'll import; it'll take me a while downloading the episodes.

meepmoopmeep3762d ago

yeah, if it doesn't come out past japan i'll import it for sure. not hard since everything aside from the controls display is in english. hopefully it will have a global release.

treereet3762d ago

I also downloaded the JP demo.

I was surprised all of it was in English. Seemed really good but it might be a little too scary for me. :O

SixTwoTwo3762d ago

This game definitely rocks. I hope that 72408 release date is worldwide.