Elder Scrolls Online Delayed To 2015 For Consoles, But It's Okay

Clipping Error reports on the news that The Elder Scrolls Online has been delayed until sometime in 2015 for consoles. This is a blow to fans of the game who don't own a PC or MAC powerful enough to run it, but Clipping Error makes the point that delaying a game is better than getting a broken one to play.

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Bigpappy1416d ago

Good to know they still plan on releasing this.

Now while cleaning up bugs, they need to come up with a good free to play model. One where I can play the entire game and only buy added content if I desire to explore deeper. I am sure they can pull this off and make a good profit if the game is any good.

DanteVFenris6661416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Free to play don't make me vomit. We all know you free to players ride on us other players that support the game. No Id rather have all you cheap bastard be paying 15$ than some people pay 0$ and others pay 100$

Or my favourite method is you guys just never get to play

Bigpappy1416d ago

Lol. I am talking about a model where I pay $60 for the game, then pay for what ever new content I view as worth while. I have a a problem with the mmo monthly payments for stuff I am not sure will be worth my money. So calling cheap is your prerogative, but I buy what I want not what a developer thinks I should have.

rdgneoz31416d ago

Or go with the model that everyone likes and have a 1 time payment to play the game forever. Works for other games like Guild Wars 2 and with all the open world MP games there will be out by the time it releases, not many are going to want to spend sub fees for a horribly reviewed game. At least FF XIV took the criticism and rebooted with A Realm Reborn (it even had no subs for a bit while they tried to fix things).

Hell, the game uses Mega Servers already which MMOs that have been deserted tend to use to save on costs or used by MMO like games that have no subs.

joab7771416d ago

I just think that May/June miss was huge. Now we have DA, The Witcher 3, Destiny, Bloodborne. I just dunno if there's gonna be the time needed for this.

Magicite1416d ago

game that was DOA and ppl are still waiting for it? Gimme a break.

BX811416d ago

seriously, I haven't seen anything in a long time about the console version. Good to know its still coming

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thekhurg1416d ago

Unless it's free to play, it's going to fail miserably on consoles just like on the PC.

Jimboms1416d ago

Is it not doing great? I wasn't sure how well it had done considering the community Destiny has in comparison.

lemoncake1416d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to say it failed miserably on pc it had a bad start but they seem to be quite active on solving the problems with the game and it's picking up slowly even in such a competitive market. I think with all the changes they are making and with the now delayed again launch they might get quite a decent response when launched on the consoles regardless of if they go free 2 play, which is never all that free anyways, or if they go the subscription route.

Palitera1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

If it is F2P, it will probably fail as well, unless the microtransactions are extremely aggressive.

The game is boring, uninspired and presents no evolution. But, in the end, you can be pretty sure that it will be 60 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15...

60 USD or F2P, it will bomb.


PS: Unless they stop "wasting" money on development and quality and put ALL on marketing. This is the recipe for success these years.

Zichu1416d ago

FFXIV:ARR is a P2P game and it's doing quite well.

Just like lemoncake said, it seems to have had a bad start, which is no different to FFXIV 1.0, which wasn't just a bad start, it was an absolute flop. They worked hard, restructured their team and turned it around.

Currently playing it on the PS3, will move to the PS4 when that comes soon.

DanteVFenris6661416d ago

Last I heard it had close to a millions subs. Looks like it's doing great to me. Plus free to play its garbage. I love dcuo but sense it went free to play all the extra content has been rehashed and reused from preexisting content. No Id rather have you cheap skates not in the game. What's the point of you being their if your not going to support ongoing development? There is none so no one is going to miss you having this free ride

Halo2ODST21416d ago

Such negativity to f2p, my god, once the game is bought there should be no other payments unless dlc

Major_Bogart741416d ago

Dante if it was worth $15 dollars a month i am sure more people would be on it. "close" to a million subs and you think its doing great some would beg to differ.Lets be honest eso feels like a 7 dollar game with a 15 dollar pricetag

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Manubiggs1416d ago

I'm sceptical this will ever see the light of day on console

Jimboms1416d ago

Mate me too, but I'm really eager to play it and get it, I'm so torn with my damn excitement and pessimism!

DanteVFenris6661416d ago

They will Theres just a lot of problems with the game right now. Right now there completley re writing code for how you level up past 50 because before it was garbage. There also adding champion system(like borderlands badass points), justice system, imperial city, spell crafting, fixing up balancing issues, loot is still not worth the reward so they are find tuning those system.

Jyndal1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Say what you will, I still enjoy WoW.

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