Blizzard interview - Diablo 3 console version a possibility sat down with Blizzard COO Paul Sams at this weekend's World Wide Invitational Event in Paris and talked Diablo 3, the WoW movie and why he thinks the PC gaming market doing just fine.


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Stryfeno13789d ago

This is why I decided to buy a 360.

Eidolon3789d ago

are you serious?? did you even read the article.. this proves nothing.
besides 360 is a closed system compared to the PS3.

morganfell3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

The 360 does not support the KB/M. Blizzard may decide on a console alright and as their penchant is for not doing things like others I would expect they would do this.

Also Blizzard likes to control their servers to a larger degree than MS allows. If anything this works against the 360 and FOR the PS3.


Here is what was said:

Any plans to bring Diablo 3 to console?

I don't know yet. A lot of it depends on whether we think the gameplay experience will be the same on console, especially regarding the controls. Also I'd like to keep our audience together. One question mark I have is whether the console owners would allow PC players to play against console gamers. I think the answer gets a lot easier if the console owners say yes. But at the moment they do like to have closed systems. But you know, I think what it really it comes down to is the game itself. We want to deliver what is the best experience possible so the controls and everything else have to be perfect. When you are developing for multiple platforms you sometimes have to compromise. We aren't willing to compromise. We have relationships with all the console manufacturers. I know they would love to have us on their platforms, ideally on their own and not their competitor! But it's all about the game experience.


PS3 - 1
360 - 0

Panthers3789d ago

Well you need to return it and get a PC because I seriously doubt it is coming.

sonarus3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

This isn't even speculation its more of wishful thinking. PSN is more open than Xbox live. Because Msoft has 1 game where 360 players can play against pc players doesn't mean anything. If it was to be exclusive to any console it would be the 360 but in terms of which console has the most open network, its the psn. That is why UT3 on PS3 has mod support and 360 does not.

The problem with PC vs 360/PS3 is balancing it out so no one is weighed down by the other. That is why we don't have PC vs PS3 or 360 vs PC not because of one console having a more open network. Msoft already experimented with this with shadow run and they haven't done it since.

ChrisGTR13789d ago

well seing as just about every 360 game gets ported to pc since its basically the same architecture im shure this is very true and easily ported to 360. ps3 however would have to be completely reprogrammed just for it making them have to go out of their way, hence not likely.

Vertius3789d ago

Odd, considering this was said two days ago:

"Do you have any plans for Diablo on consoles?
We don't have any plans."

sonarus3789d ago

You make a good point but despite the similar architecture, A LOT of games still don't make it to the 360. It would be easier on them to port to 360 for sure but the point here is Diablo goes to the more open system and then it calls out the 360 when in reality PS3 is the more open system. This proves nothing its simply wishful thinking really

DanB913789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

How is the architecture for the PC and 360 similar? PC uses Intel processors and 360 uses a processor based off IBM tech. Sure the software to program might be similar, but that doesn't mean a port to PS3 is that much harder. Code would still have to be written for 360, just not as much as the PS3.

Plus to do cross platform play, it would be WAY easier on PS3 seeing that has an open network unlike 360. To get it working on 360 they would have to work out a deal with MS, which probably quite annoying.

But as I said IF (and that is a very big IF) Blizzard was to do a console port it would be simultaneous PS3/360

Were you banned? I remember you trying to be fanboy of the week and I haven't seen you post since lol.

Kami3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

are meant to be played in the pc and diablo 3 does not look like it needs much power to run, so my point is: stop being stupid fanboys and just get it for your sh1tty PCs if you want to play it.
oh and now is good because is "coming" to the 360? lol i don't know if you guys are really THAT stupid or just act stupid.
UPDATE: disagree?? explain yourself bastard!!, if people is going to disagree at least put why, put a damn reason. kamidammit!!

donator3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

"This is why I decided to buy a 360." -Stryfeno1

You bought a 360 because Diablo 3 might be on it?


Diablo 1 was on Playstation 1. It didn't play too bad either.

Stryfeno13789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I must of said something to irritate Sony's loyalist...Why would it not be port to 360? MS is a big part of the PC world. However, Diablo 3 will be a easy port to the 360.

joydestroy3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

haha at number 1. sorry man, that's a joke, right?

i think it would be better suited for the PS3, but possible for the 360. i don't f-in care, i'm upgrading my PC just for this game. holy sh!t did you see the trailers, they're crazy!

EDIT: i agree with morganfell
2nd EDIT: ChrisGTR1 has a good point though.

ultimately, though, it'll never come to console. not IMO.

alster233788d ago

lol thats a good one >D

ChrisGTR13788d ago

@ danb91

360 is a single threaded console. ps3 is multithreaded with 8 processors. so all the work then has to be balanced and split/ written for each processor. so no there not similar at all. PC is also single threaded processor, thats why pc games and 360 games are so similar and easily made. dont you remember how much trouble epic were having porting UT3 to ps3? it got delayed from summer 07 till november 07 . haze LOL, delayed what? over a year? and look how that ended up.

SixTwoTwo3788d ago

Thank God cuz that gamerchip blog is a ****ing joke LoL

JsonHenry3788d ago

If I had to choose which platform to play on (assuming I did not have a PC) and the PS3 let me use a keyboard and mouse I would certainly buy it for the PS3 over my 360.

I am not slamming the 360 in anyway, I loved it, but the ability to play the game on the PS3 with a KB+M would be the deal breaker for me.

season0073788d ago

they see a x360 controller and goes..o it will be on xbox360

NOTHING HAS BEEN TOLD the darn article

Highwayman3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Wow, once again folks have managed to turn a story into some kind of twisted little war for their console. Just sad.

The reason why number 1 said he was glad he purchased an Xbox 360 was because of two things.
1)Most PC games that get ported, do in fact see the day of light on the Xbox.
2) I doubt he was being a "fanboy" perhaps he could have said he was happy owning a 360 as because he thinks that this game would be ported to both of the consoles.

But of course....this gets turned into console debacle. Why does everyone jump to conclusion and have to say stupid things like....The PS3 is Sooo much better for this game??
Why couldn't this game be ported to both consoles instead of just one?
Why is that you ladies always get so bent out of shape over anything that does not include these words/abbreviations in the following sentences....Sony, PS3, Playstation 3, MGS4?

It's amazing at the type of offhand responses one can receive in an internet forum...

So instead of laughing like idiot's bantering your beloved around....why don't actually act like you're in the "gamer zone" and talk about how you like to see it come to your console, both consoles...Instead bashing one another's consoles...Jeez.

N4Gisbiased3788d ago

It'd be the best on Wii


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Kyle12123789d ago

i doubt it will. I'll buy it on the PC anyways.

Eidolon3789d ago

this shouldn't even be considered a rumor. please read the article.

Silellak3789d ago

Yeah, the author's logic reads something like this.

If A then B.

A is true, so Z must be true as well.

Relcom3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

If anything a mouse and keyboard compatible PS3 is more likely to get it.

No matter what happens though i'm getting it on the PC.

BTW this article is awful, which is typical of this horrible website called gamerchip.

INehalemEXI3789d ago

Thats what I was thinking diablo is the king of point and click gameplay so keyboard and mouse support would make the PS3 the likely console if any. When it comes out I will get it first day on PC.

Prismo_Fillusion3788d ago

Diablo (original) was made into a Playstation game.

It was pretty awesome too.

Of course, I'm buying the Diablo 3 PC version if they make a console version too (doubt it).

Pizza The Hut3789d ago

so this affects me in no way...but console exclusivity would really suck for those dedicated to the series

Blasphemy3789d ago

How can the game be possible on 360 but not possible on PS3? To me they basically use the same control scheme. Any game that can be done on 360 can be done on PS3 just as well. I really hope this game does make its way to consoles though as the type of game it is it seems perfect for consoles.

The Lazy One3788d ago

The 360 is a lot more like a PC in the way it processes code. That in mind, it would not only be an easier port, but also easier to get to work with PC versions of the game.

Also, KB/M is only a huge advantage in RTS. It has debatable advantage in FPS, but in hack n slash, driving, and fighters controllers actually play a lot better 9 times out of 10.