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FriedGoat1417d ago

Holy Balls, This is Megaton.

breakpad1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

this is a hardcore hit on MS and being promoted so heavily as exclusive i dont see it to be timed ...if Sony secures another AAA Japanese exclusive the fight is over

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SuperLupe1417d ago

These kind of deals are ok with me. I only have a XOne so I guess I'll be missing out unless a I have a PS4 by then.

The only thing though .... where are all the comments screaming in outrage of how terrible money hatting is and how this kind of stuff is outrageous etc ??

The very same people seem to be more than fine with this.

NewMonday1417d ago

Said before PS4 will start getting AAA 3rd party exclusives like the PS2 , X1 dosnt have enough market share for non shooter games

Septic1417d ago

"Said before PS4 will start getting AAA 3rd party exclusives like the PS2 , X1 dosnt have enough market share for non shooter games"


The spin...the hypocrisy...its actually palpable lol. I'm not surprised by any means but its really interesting to note the difference in tone regarding this. Brilliant xD

But yes, this is huge. But third party exclusivity is going to be worrisome trend now started by MS.

Forn1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


Since Microsoft continues to make shady 3rd party deals, then why can't Sony then beat them at their own game? Not only that, but Sony has 1st and 2nd party on lock over MS too. PS2 era is back baby.

ABizzel11417d ago

If it's real, then it's a big boost to PlayStation, since SF has a strong following, and now all those fans have to get a PS4 or capable PC to play it.

But I don't see it being a huge loss for Xbox, MS has never really been a huge platform for SF until the 360 came, and IMO it was mainly bought out of connivence and US 360 numbers made it remotely comparable to PS3 number which were 2:1 and more across the world in favor of the PS3. And now with the PS4 in the lead nearly 2:1 WW and even more in those other regions it's not a huge surprise this happened. It's a sting to MS US Xbox SF fans, who have to make a choice on which console to buy first.

The PS3 generally outsold the 360 in fighting game sales last-gen even with the smaller install base for most of the generation. The PS4 has the higher install base this time, so I see this becoming a trend for fighting games. I see this being the first of many former multiplats of games that have a good sales spread across the globe going PS4 exclusive if Sony wants, meanwhile MS will only be securing exclusives that appeal to NA / UK all because of sales. This is why sales matter.

Baka-akaB1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Considering pro SF players and their followers went often to the 360 when not playing on arcade , because the game had a tiny extra input delay on ps3 , and because of the XBl network's reputation , i'd say that it's quite a big deal . And there was still a sizeable 360 community for the game

Also It doesnt really matter that SF wasnt big on xbox till SF4 .... street fighter was literally dead in the mainstream eye for years before sf4 , and most sf came out before the first xbox .

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NewMonday1417d ago


Sony can't afford to moneyhat , publishers are skipping the x1 because it's more expensive and time consuming to port because of ESRAM and not enough sales in return for it , you can't blame them when even exclusives Forza and SSO failed to chart on NPD

q8kik1417d ago

This is the trailer in case you've missed it guys :)

darthv721417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@newmonday: "publishers are skipping the x1 because it's more expensive and time consuming to port because of ESRAM..."

You do realize this is a fighting game and not something that would take advantage of ESRAM. And as far as expense and time different do you think these two platforms are? you make it seem like it going from PS4 to the 2600.

And cant afford to moneyhat but in this case they did. If capcom was financially strapped enough to say they couldnt make a next gen SF game then where did they get the sudden urge (and $$$) to make one?????

no worries though. Im sure there is a wii-u version as well as xb1 version of the "Super" edition in the works for a 6 month release after this one. It is capcom and that's how they roll.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1231417d ago

Cross Platform fighting would be sweet. PC V PS4 = Win

Morpheuzpr1417d ago

So now it's Guilty Gear Xrd and Street Fighter 5.

Sony have always been working on bettering the gaming industry. The have been involved in sponsoring fighting game events for a while and with the resurgence of the smash community to the spotlight since EVO Nintendo is also doing there part. Glad to see that this companies are paying attention to the FGC.

Magicite1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

You can easily call it a PS4 exclusive, fighting games have no influence on PC.
P.S. Guilty Gear is also not coming to xbox.

Christopher1417d ago

Ugh. I hope it's at least only a timed exclusive. Stupid stuff.

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WeAreLegion1417d ago

While this is great news for PlayStation and I'm very happy I'll get to play it, I still don't like this. Multi-platorm games becoming exclusive isn't very cool for those who miss out.

On the other hand...I can just see the text Phil woke up to this morning from Shuhei:

"Remember. This is what you wanted."

nX1417d ago

Well Microsoft started it...

MasterCornholio1417d ago

Wasn't the hadoukon cab thing teased before the TR announcement?

Natversion11417d ago

Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy. Sony have a good track record of keeping exclusives, easy to see if you aren't a blind fanboy

Fireseed1417d ago

Wait... Sony was doing this crap before Xbox was a thing... how exactly have you fabricated this tale in your head?

freshslicepizza1417d ago

bloodborn, microsoft started it? i guess your not old enough to remember gta timed exclusive deals on the ps2. or all the software deals dating back to the snes and sega genenis days. this sort of thing has been going on for decades and another thing that hasn't changed are the console warriors who get upset every time this happens when their system is on the wrong end.

this is a smart move for sony and their systems always sell better in japan which is where a lot of fighting fans come from. what id like to see one day but probably will never happen is the xbox one, ps4 and pc fans being able to compete online with one another. maybe not this game but some other game. because unlike you i dont really care about promoting my system since it doesnt reflect on me from a financial standpoint since it isnt my system because i didnt create it or design it. i only buy products so why would i act immature to the point of needing to downplay the competition? sounds rather immature but each to their own. i guess a few hundred dollars is a major investment for some.

q8kik1417d ago

That doesn't justify it Bloodborn.
I'd rather get a new exclusive rather than stealing away multiplatform games from other Platforms.

OpieWinston1417d ago

This business was started before Microsoft even got into the console game...

WoW you fanboys really see what you want to see.

And the rest of the blind ones support it on N4G.

Sevir1417d ago

Not exactly back then Developing games the budget wasn't as crazy and the PS1 and PS2 LARGELY Dominated the market, so releasing games exclusively on PS wasn't a financial gamble in the early days especially during the PSone and PS2 era. With the shift to PowerPC and multicore Programming the rise in development cost ballooned and then of course Sony's blunders and MS making some strong moves last gen it was much better financially to sell games for the 2 platforms instead of developing solely for one if you were third party, MS had launched first and had a friendlier platform to Dev on.

In the PS2 days Sony's stable of First party developers were few but they had largely saturated the market with PS2s by 72 percent and had launched before Both Nintendo and The late comer Xbox. Third parties didn't need to be money hatted to make games exclusively on the PS2 they just did because it made financial sense, Nintendo and MS had to money hat on the GameCube and the Original Xbox because they had the least market share and and guarantees for profitably weren't there. Their were expections to this rule as Sony secured deals for MGS and GTA as the previous appeared on GameCube and the latter often appeared on Xbox 9 months later. But square, Konami and Capcom All made bank on PS2 without Sony tossing cash.

The Xb360 launching before PS3 and being development friendly and MS's aggressive courting of the third parties along with the balloon development cost of Development on both PS3 and XB360 made taking such risks without guaranteed returns or at least breaking even a silly thing... Look how many game studios and franchises died last gen...

Money Hatting really took center stage in the Xb360/PS3 generation with MS boldly leading the charge, Games like Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Mass Effect, BioShock were all on Xb before PS and franchises that were too big to be exclusive got exclusive partnerships and dlc deals on XB... So with this shift in business its no surprise to see other platform holders take the same approach and diversafy their platforms.

MS continued it into the PS4/XBO gen, but the tables have turned. Sony has learnt a lot and employed pound for pound the same tactics MS really popularized last cycle and Sony is doing it and getting results...

Its business... I certainly wasn't happy with TF and TR being announced as exclusives on XBO since I certainly don't own one, but its business. PS fans cried the house down. MS fans will do the same or get it on PC. Its business Sucks for XB fans but it is what it is

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Perjoss1417d ago

How do you think PC gamers feel about Halo? and what about the Xbox One Tomb Raider deal. People should never be forced to buy specific hardware to play a game, but sadly that's just how these companies operate now.

zeuanimals1417d ago

Of course people should have to buy certain consoles for certain games, otherwise certain games wouldn't exist in the first place. Most 1st party developers wouldn't exist without the 1st party publishers, and they certainly won't be making the games they're making if it weren't for the 1st party funding. They could become an indie or 3rd party developer, but there's not a guarantee it'll work out for them.

Nobody should be forced to do anything, though, and nobody is.

zeuanimals1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

It was likely never going to be made without outside help due to low sales of fighters and how much it would cost to develop. This is like a Titanfall or Bayonetta 2 situation where it likely needed another company to fund the game's development.

Tomb Raider 2013 along with the DE versions were extremely successful and the sequel was already being made for the PS4, MS just paid for it to be timed.

coolvibu931417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Tomb Raider was not extremely successful. It was in fact a 'disappointment' in sales early on. -raider-sales-loss/

It did finally managed to turn out a profit but it took a relatively longer time. And it was naver confirmed that Rise of the Tomb Raider was in development for PS4. Square Enix has never made official comment about that. The only thing I can find is them saying in late 2013 that a Tomb Raider sequel was in work for 'next-generation consoles'. You may think that this means PS4 too, but no, it doesn't. This just mean that work has begun and the publisher is not ready to announce the platforms. Remedy Entertainment said they were working on a 'cinematic experience for next-gen consoles' and that game turned out to be the exclusive Quantum Break.

jaymacx1417d ago

Well for awhile i agreed and had your opinion but business-wise it gets ppl to buy more consoles.. The problem with ps4 and x1 is their (3rd party) libraries are too simular. But with all these recent deals it gives each platform a unique identity. But i must say it sucks for any one platform guy.

I remember when most team ninja games were only on xbox and it helped xbox compete with sony's exclusive action games(devil may cry, GoW, tekken etc) having the same library is good for us(consumer) but bad for platform holders (ppl only need to get one). These guys arent in business to benefit us , but to get us to spend money.

remixx1161417d ago

Damn I laughed to hard at this, legion you kill me dude.

Funny bubz

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