Make Your Own Wii Component Cables

For the gamer who just can't stand composite Zelda. Most weren't quick enough to submit an order to Nintendo's online store before Wii component cables disappeared from online shelves. Since then, no cables have shipped to brick and mortar stores and third parties have been conspicuously slow to capitalize on the growing demand for something, anything other than composite, which produces a horrifying image on any TV worth its salt.

In any case, those desperate and anxious for pumping a decent image out of their Wii are in luck -- if they're up to the task of being a bit of a MacGyver and constructing their own component cables.

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THWIP4345d ago

Why bother, when the best you'll get is 480p games, that still look like GC games?

ChickeyCantor4345d ago

you really are alittle bithc, search the net there is difference !

eepiccolo4345d ago

Paper clips and alligator clip wires do not provide the bandwidth necessary for a progressive scan signal. Do this and you'll probably see noise or interference, like dim red lines crawling across the screen. I guess if you were really desperate you could try this, but you really need to get regular cables for a real "fix".

dantesparda4344d ago

I think you'd be right, but have you seen it? cuz i want some confirmation of this (the noise/interference), thanks

UrbanJabroni4343d ago

For those that don't have a wii/hdtv setup and don't understand the issue...

It isn't that the games don't look better compared to a standard def tv, it is that using the included cable the game looks HORRIBLE on an hdtv. Blurry, pixelly, garbage. It looks MUCH better on a standard def television.

It wouldn't have been an issue had nintendo made an adequite number of the cables (and extra controllers, btw), but as it stands, wii sucks on an HDTV.