Kotaku Too Human Hands-On: Six Hours In And Half-Way Home


"It's puzzling to think that Silicon Knights has been plugging away at Too Human for well over a decade now. Sure, it's been planned as epic stuff from the get go, back when it was a PlayStation title and boasted of a scope that would require four game discs over 80 hours of gameplay. It later became a GameCube title, a transition that obviously required much of its previous iteration to be scrapped.

But as I hacked my way through the Xbox 360 game's first six hours of the single player campaign - putting me at about half-way through, according to the game's own Stats ticker - I began to mostly puzzled by what it was the team was doing with its time."

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ISA_Scum3764d ago

A 360 exclusive getting a bad KOTAKU preview. Oh boy, EPIC FAIL indeed.

- Horrible character design
- Terrible Camera
- Questionable interface choices
- Badly placed voiceacting moments
- Surprisingly unpolished

Yeah, have fun with this one folks.

Dark General3764d ago

Isn't that biased as alot of people run around saying. I've been reading from the site for almost a year now on gaming news and they are pretty fair and funny. Though Plunket is the least of optimists most of the time.

Marcello3764d ago

Yep sounds like another Alone in the Dark. In devolopment hell for years and years, delay after delay & then its a POS.

This kinda thing happens too often unfortunatly :/

The next game i have my worries about is BIA:Hells Highway thats had all the same problems.

power of Green 3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

WTF are you talking about? KOTAKU is very anti MSFT. Kotaku is so bad most PS3 fans get their anti MSFT fud from their(K) site lol.

The Power of Red3764d ago

After reading this, I doubt this game is even a "Haze Killer".
10 hours for an RPG??? JUMP IN-to the abyss.

Superfragilistic3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I think people, particularly those who take things more literally, don't get Kotaku. They are bias against everybody. That's their hook and the basis of what they regard as "tongue-in-cheek". Zero Punctuation is the closest behavioural comparison, although I'd argue Yahtzee is much better at it.

Kotaku are largely cynical humorists. It's no doubt an acquired (read British and Australian) taste. But as such they give sh!t to everybody. Negativity and cynicism is their "raison d'etre". People are best to take it as such. And not so seriously when they make fun of Sony, MS, Nintendo or whatever other cat is in the news.

The Wood3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

agreed bukkaku just hate gaming full stop. They hate on sony a little more though

Superfragilistic3764d ago

I agree Wood, but Sony has been a lot easier for Kotaku to pick on in recent times than MS, largely because of their far-off promises and the fact that they were uncontested last generation.

But just wait and see what happens to MS if the "Newton" unveiling is a failure or Home upstages everyone. Kotaku will burn them for months and probably for the rest of the year! All in pursuit of traffic... lol ;)

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Chad Warden3764d ago

Another bad preview for Too Human. This is a major concern.

Superfragilistic3764d ago

Gee you came out of the woodwork. Anymore "idiot of the year" award worthy performances, or are you just here to hate?

And yes this Too Human preview is a concern although largely fixable, beyond the Diablo similarities, within two months.

SixTwoTwo3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

is its taken them 10 years to make a 10 hour game

SixTwoTwo3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

10 years for this?? o_O

P.S. what happened to that "Too Human the worst game I've played in the last 5 years" article that was just on the front page???

Superfragilistic3764d ago

It got deleted as that claim was made by a forum poster with zero credibility and hence against N4G guidelines.

Kind of like running a news item on a comment in the open zone! lol

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