Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – PC Low / Ultra Graphics Compare

Comparing the low and ultra-graphics of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PC, To do this, Intel Core i7 4th generation with 16 GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti was in the machine.

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Agent_hitman1412d ago

Duh! the screenshots quality is low and pixelated, it's like I'm looking at old gen Modern Warfare screenshots..

GearSkiN1412d ago

Duh maybe coz you're looking at n4gs pic not the link... Duh.

bumnut1411d ago

Thats how it actually looks :)

Seriously though, this game looks appalling on max settings. Especially at 1440+, high resolution highlights just how little detail is actaully there.

Appalling for a 2014 AAA game