Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is equal parts small and forward-thinking - KillScreen

"I ain’t much for cooking, though I can follow instructions enough to get the job done. The creativity of going off-book in the kitchen doesn’t spark anything in me. Better to keep things minimal; salt, pepper, broth. As a vegetarian I’m still limited, but the concept of seasoning water and building from there was a simple but effective personal revelation.

Nintendo has been in the kitchen a long time, so they know a thing or two about cooking with gas. Some might say this is part of the problem; a billion-dollar company beholden to the bottom line that chops to the rhythm of the boardroom’s bellowing. If it worked before, it’s sure to work again, right? While Nintendo is slow to introduce new ideas, they can rarely be accused of making the same game twice. (Selling it you three or four times on the other hand… .) They have tweaked, added to, subtracted from, and generally futzed about with Mario and the gang for a long time, so we shouldn’t hold out for too great of a surprise."

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