AMD Ups Their Game With Major Driver Update Catalyst Omega

The new driver brings an incredible amount of features, starting with promises of up to a 19 % performance boost.

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Tzuno1465d ago

Hmm, let me try some Assassins Creed Unity then...sigh.

NotAfanBoyy1465d ago

I hope this fixes the crashes some of us are experiencing with the latest 14.9 driver

Braid1465d ago

So basically they implemented something similar to nVidia's DSR into their drivers. Smart move, as 4K gaming is the new trend.

Dark_Vendetta1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Downsampling gives you the cleanest picture I've ever seen. I know I won't be able to play the newest games at 4K with my card, but I was able to rum Dark Souls 2 on 5K (back to 1440p) with GeDoSaTo and I immediately fell in love with the image quality. Finally AMD added this feature to their drivers!

FromTheAshes1465d ago

Good on you AMD. Driver will be a welcome edition to my rig.

SirDjss1465d ago

Aha, Amd released a performance driver, that means nvidia cant be that far behind with theirs :)