Treyarch Offers Apologies To Gearbox Software

via Kotaku:

"Just when we thought we were set for a good developer versus developer war of words, we find out that Treyarch has taken the high road, apologizing for remarks made about Gearbox Software and its Brothers In Arms series.

JD, Community Manager at Treyarch wrote on the official Xbox forums of the Gearbox-aimed slam."

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Millah3764d ago

He was just an Activision rep? Hmmm....Rofl, that fat douche said he was Senior Producer at Treyarch.

badz1493764d ago

this kind of thing is getting ridiculous nowadays with more and more devs taking this path of being outspoken and tend to diss or smack their competitions in their interviews! what's the need of it actually? it does more harm to you than good! if you really think that you're better, just prove that you're indeed better with your end product and let the products do the talking and the gamers to evaluate! just don't talk bad about other people, it's PATHETIC!!

ice_prophecy3764d ago

Good lad. If you are wrong, you accept the consequences of your choice like a man.

kosha3764d ago

Agreed, credit to treyarch they have come out and apologized for what they said.

nchizimbi3764d ago

I was displeased last week about Treyarch's negative remarks about Gearbox Software and its Brothers in Arms series. They have done well to apologize. But I still feel the remarks made have grown in people who will compare and judge the better game between CALL OF DUTY WORLDS AT WAR and BROTHERS IN ARMS HELL'S HIGHWAY.

mistertwoturbo3764d ago

It sucks how one person who speaks mostly for themself affects the reputation of the whole company. Good thing they cleared this one up fast. That person was in no position to gloat about anything.

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