GTA 5 Next Gen Cheats: Make $250,000 Every Two Minutes and Cheat Using Your Cell Phone

Apparently, the unlimited money trick is only for the GTA Online and it’s not a glitch at all. So you can mint money easily without the risk of getting banned. According to YouTuber DomisLive who first revealed the trick, the money comes from a challenge mission in GTA Online.

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bobsmith1413d ago

they fixed this about a week ago
max bets are all 5k now cant find 250k ones anymore

bmf73641412d ago

God, I hate his voice. And yeah R* patched this and you can only make this cash once per day.

SeanScythe1412d ago

Also challenges are limited to 1 every 24 hours.

demonicale1412d ago

OUT OF DATE, please do some reseach before posting this in future.

Crazyglues1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Yeah this should have never been approved, this video Came out Nov 19th -- this is already patched..

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BattleTorn1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I haven't seen a 250k challenge in over a week.

I destroyed my uninsured Adder last night though - good times, good times.
I was FURIOUS with myself, until I found out bought cars are delivered automatically insured - meaning it's R*s FING SYSTEM BASICALLY DELETED MY MILLION $ CAR!!!