What We Want In: The Game Awards

Paul James writes "The Game Awards, the successor to the decade old VGAs is taking place in just a few short days. We’ve seen some extraordinary highs and some shocking lows, but the VGAs never cease to deliver something discussion worthy. With The Game Awards, the creators want to inject the event with some real credibility once again, whilst still delivering the revelations, surprises and antics that usually come with the award night. While the night approaches we sit down and look at What We Want in The Game Awards 2014."

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DefenderOfDoom21411d ago

For me pretty simple , i just want to be entertaned .

In a fantasy world , how awesome would it have been to have Robin Williams (RIP) host the event.

TekKing1411d ago

What I want is the game trailers/premieres. I don't care about any of that "award" crap. I'll just wait until the stream is over and jump around to the good parts.

annoyedgamer1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Games. None of their women or clowns. The jokes are not funny and I am not a horny loner.

So basically..a game show with class.