Bungie Explains Destiny’s Mysterious Third Subclass Slot


We recently visited Bungie to talk with the developer about Destiny’s first expansion. We came away with some extensive details about what’s on the way in The Dark Below, which are chronicled here. We also quizzed the developers about some of the big questions surrounding the game, like the issue of non-skippable cutscenes, and the way exotic bounties affect the competitive experience; you can read Bungie’s responses in this month’s magazine issue. We also asked lead designer Tyson Green about the often rumored third subclass slot on each guardian’s character screen, and he clarified what’s really going on there.

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BlissSeeker1415d ago

Hopefully they add in a third subclass in the future.

Perjoss1415d ago

If only thanks and hugs could be used to pay the bills

BlissSeeker1415d ago

Don't be ludicrous. From the kindness of their hearts of course.

Blues Cowboy1415d ago

"Bungie hasn't really explained the third subclass slot at all" might have been a more accurate headline.

williamt31415d ago

They said nothing about the cutscenes...

Npugz71415d ago

I'm really starting to dislike bungie!

lildudexst1415d ago

In the world of boring destiny. More information on shit that should been add in the beginning.

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