SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Deployed To October?

The release of Slant Six Games' PlayStation 3 shooter SOCOM Confrontation may have been bumped back a bit - at least at retail - as retailer GameStop pegs its North American release for mid-October.

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Vicophine3760d ago

I'll be pissed if true, this is seriously one of, if not, the best online series I've ever played. I need it NOW.

sonarus3759d ago

I hope not. I really really want that headset. Plus it looked like they were just doing beta testing.

mikeslemonade3759d ago

Looks like another packed holiday for games just like in 2007.

SL1M DADDY3759d ago

If it is in fact your favorite online game then you would not mind them polishing it up and making it a perfect game upon release rather than rushing it to retail and giving you a poor rendition of what could have been a great online game. Waiting just a little longer to have a great game is worth the time. Besides, maybe they are getting their trophies in a bit later than expected. ;-)

flambeau3759d ago

You can still download the game, so whats the problem?

DEADEND3759d ago

All we can do is wait and see wait Sony says at E3, because the dates that are on gamestop are unreliable, hell they have FFXIII dated for December 2008 and we all know it's not coming out until next year.

socomnick3759d ago

Good because it needs work. They need to touch up the graphics.

PirateThom3759d ago

1. It's a downloadable, online only game
2. .... it's a downloadable online only game.

I mean, if graphics are all important, then wait for the next SOCOM game, the one that Zipper Interactive are making as the next true sequel with offline and online modes on Blu-ray disc only.

SixTwoTwo3759d ago

Considering its a downloadable game I think the graphics are pretty impressive.

Whoooop3759d ago

Too Human should be release in 2021 then....


multipayer3759d ago

Qore beta coming out now..

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The story is too old to be commented.