#GamerGate Interview – Christian Allen Edition

I had a fan connect me with a very interesting person on Twitter the other day, who turned out to be a talented developer who’s worked on major AAA games in the past. You’ve probably heard of, if not played, a game he’s worked on so, despite our site being all about the “niche games”, the opportunity to speak with someone from the “AAA scene” was exciting.

Thankfully, Christian Allen (pictured above in the black TAKEDOWN shirt with the rest of the devs at Serellan) was very gracious and gave me some time out of his schedule so I could fire some thoughtful questions his way regarding #GamerGate, his experiences in the AAA industry, and the games industry/culture as a whole. I hope you guys enjoy the interview as much as I did!

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002510d ago

this was a very good interview, devs need to know who actually supports.

FriedGoat2509d ago

wow this is a great read.

freshslicepizza2509d ago

from the interview,

"Modern social media seems to excel at typecasting and dividing people into groups in order to subjugate actual conversation, I think because it rewards the most vocal and extreme voices in each group. If you can trumpet the cause more, you get rewarded more. If you are moderate and measured, you are ignored."

so true

3-4-52509d ago

^ The Problem in ALL MEDIA right's just leaked over into gaming.

Blues Cowboy2509d ago

For me the best part of this interview is clarifying that Metacritic is literally meaningless.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2509d ago

I'm glad he points out the obvious action most people should do. Don't like the standards of a site, stop going to it.

WilliamUsher2509d ago

Too bad that a lot of people get lured by click-bait and link networks.

Sometimes you'll see the title of an article and since it's sponsored or aggregated through stuff like Zerg or what have you, the user clicks in unbeknownst that they're supporting a crappy click-bait site they're trying to avoid.

I've made that mistake a few times, because sometimes you'll just see the headline but have no idea where the article actually leads.