25 Visible Benefits of Gaming While Female

Many women recently have claimed to experience alienation and harassment in gaming because of their gender. They have spent countless hours telling social media, and real media, about how their individual experiences are indicative of a widespread issue. Any women who attempt to showcase their positive experiences in gaming are met with accusations of self-hatred, or of not being real.

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leemo191414d ago

I like this version better, it makes the femfeq version mediocre.

PoSTedUP1414d ago

me too.

i only play white knight when she is young and too stupid to defend herself or leave. otherwise it doesnt matter to me what people say to other people, whether black, female, asian etc. i dont concern myself with small people. i know how to fend for myself, i rarely look at anyone online as a helpless victim. youre online, youre fair game for mean people, imo. learn to cope or stick up for yourself. the world is less likely to care about you so wipe them tears and learn to be a stronger person. just like racism, sexism isnt going to go away online. you just have to deal with it. both these articles prove that there are benefits to both genders, and both these articles prove that male and females will never be treated equally. its time to put our personal problems with ignorant people aside, stop giving them the satisfaction and attention they are getting out of this whole non-issue (imo), and play and enjoy our games together. just my 5¢. sorry for the rant.

mhunterjr1414d ago

Phew,... so glad that this was written by a female

JohnApocalypse1414d ago

4. I could openly admit that I do not play games, yet people will be willing to hand me thousands of dollars just to hear my opinions on them.

5. Men will be willing to devalue themselves, and their entire gender, in order to place me on a pedestal, solely because I am female.

15. As a female, people will be afraid to criticize me, or my opinions, no matter how radical or insane they are, for fear of being called sexist.

Those are my favourite

crashbash1414d ago

Article of the year. AOTY.

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The story is too old to be commented.