Halo 5: Guardians Beta Is A 10.27GB Download

Markus writes "A user on the /r/halo subreddit noticed the Halo 5: Guardians Beta was listed on the Xbox Games Store and managed to capture the download size. The beta will clock in at 10.27GB and will be available from December 29 2014."

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1nsomniac1504d ago

I'd like to know what ratio the file size is between game files & sound files?

From what I've seen of gameplay 10.27gb seems a huge amount.

Allsystemgamer1504d ago

7maps. Many betas are 4-8 gb with one or 2

1nsomniac1504d ago

7 maps isn't all that bad I thought it was 4 for some reason. I still think 10.3gb is huge from what I've seen. The texture resolution & geometry is still well below what I would consider coming from something that size.

HaMM4R1504d ago

Oh, because you're totally able to tell the amount of tris every model (and the amount of models) has as well as the texture resolution from some compressed footage on the internet? Makes sense. I suppose you also know how many lines of code there are (not that it would take up much space) as well as every single audio file that is in the build?

1504d ago
Gamesgbkiller1504d ago


It takes about 5 days to download this with my current speed.

OpieWinston1504d ago

Well it's a 3 week beta and the beta will probably download in the background of your Halo Channel.

akurtz1504d ago

I'm worried about the download/install time. But I am very excited.

frostbite061504d ago

Considering the Master Chief Collection had that huge 15gb day one update, this seems like nothing.

Play2Win1504d ago

Wasnt it around 20GB? I remember downloading a size like that. Anyway 10 GB are ok. Beta will be a nice christmas gift

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